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There are a lot of reasons to love George Takei: His LGBT activism, his gloriously geeky Twitter feed, his willingness to embrace any cause that he believes in, no matter what others think.

For many, though, it will always be Star Trek for which he is most beloved. Because Sulu.

Which makes his recent interview with Parade all the more exciting - since he was asked whether he'd appear in the upcoming Star Trek 3, and responded with:

"All they have to do is ask me! I’m more than eager. As you know, Leonard Nimoy did two of the rebooted films with J.J. Abrams, and they’re preparing another one because in two years, Star Trek’s going to be 50 years old…so they’ll be coming out with another major feature film with a rebooted cast."

...and, hopefully, George Takei. Because he's awesome.

[Star Trek 3](movie:817262), directed by Roberto Orci, is currently set for release in 2016.


What do you guys think? Up for some George Takei in Star Trek 3?

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