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Matthew Chapman

Before this movie was released in cinemas, I watched all of the old Godzilla movies (including the horrible Matthew Broderick one). The first one, Gojira, was definitely the best one and after seeing this new one, Gojira is still my favourite but this new film is my second.

I loved the design and look of this Godzilla, makes the film look a lot more serious than the ‘lizard’ from Broderick version and from the older Japanese versions.

This is a lot more believable; it’s something that you could see possibly happen (much like Sharknados according to Tara Reid!).

There are some amazing shots throughout the film of Godzilla and just general action and scenery shots. I did like that it wasn’t until later in the film that you actually got a good decent shot of Godzilla, most of the others were just headshots or were clouded in smoke.

When I was in the cinema and saw Godzilla’s tail start to light up… wow! I’m pretty sure my fanboy sequel was heard worldwide!!

I did feel that this movie didn’t need the big names or even the character stories in the film. Godzilla is the star, after him all we would really need would be some little bit characters to appear every now and then, like the military.

Eagerly looking forward to the second film!

An awesome film, definitely one of my best of 2014, seen it 6 times already and it will still be a day one purchase for me!


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