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I know this is a very forgotten movie and most people do not like this movie at all but I recently went on HBO go and decided to re-watch this movie. I remember seeing it in theaters and actually liking it but watching now i realized Doom might be the best video game movie made so far! Oh yeah spoilers.

Doom The Stars

Dwayne Johnson and Karl urban both lead this film and do a great job of it. They both give very commanding performances and remind us why we love them. Which is something many video game movies have lacked in having star power and an actor who will own there roles. The supporting cast also play there parts well.

The Story

The film jumps right into the action and plot of the film. There's no needless character backstories, everything is centered around the problem of the film. I know the film changed the story from the video game but they did it extremely well. In the video game its hell and demons which is the outbreak but the film takes the sic-fi route. The story of how the virus started is really interesting and different, and how the virus choses "bad" people to turn into full monsters and the ones stuck in the gray area into zombies and the "good" into super soldiers. Its very similar to how God choses the bad to hell and the good to heaven.

Video game elements

Doom Alien
Doom Alien

The FPS scene was awesome. It also made sense since the movie shown multiple times that the soldiers had cameras on there guns so it played into it perfectly. Also how The rock made a "gun" upgrade was really cool and is a definite nod to video games.

The love story

Oh wait there is no love story! The female lead is great in being the filler character and has good chemistry with Karl's character. Considering he is the lead you would think there be some forced love tension between the two. Most films would have went that route but they cut that out by making them siblings. They also don't force her character into scenes she does not need to be in. For example most movies would have had some bomb bout to go off and she has to disable it while Karl has to protect for the climax of the film but that does not happen we get The Rock vs Dredd in all its glory.


Most of the film take place in dark tight corridors which creates a lot of great close ups of the rock and Karl, and this where they shine. The close ups are really intense and its easy to feed off the actors hard ass performance. The movie also drives in the point of how serious it is not to let this virus get to earths surface. Karl urban and the rock have great chemistry and i know I keep mentioning them but they are really the ones that sold this film. Its sad we might not see them perform together again. This movie has great action which really comes out at the final showdown between rock and Karl.

So there it is, an interesting story, well paced, good action, commanding performances from our two leads, and it captured elements from the game and kept the heart of what it is. So in my opinion this is the best video game movie so far and i know most of you are like "what this guy is nuts,Mortal Kombat forever!" but just re-watch doom once and let me know what you think.


How Good is Doom?


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