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So we took a little time off to get our bearings back after a few big events and all the end of the year hoopla!

We are going to add a little bit of into each of our weekly rundowns and we hope you'll enjoy our posts and watch the great trailers, shorts and web series we'll be posting...along with the usual big Hollywood and mainstream Geek News!

This Week in Geek starts off with the announcement of Scarlet Johansson cast as the female lead in "Ghost in the Shell" being produced by Steven Spielberg.

The much anticipated, Agent Carter begins this week and we're excited to see a female led Marvel series. We're more interested to see how this will tie into the expanded universe of current series and films.

Agent Carter Hayley Atwell
Agent Carter Hayley Atwell

You can catch the 1st 9 minutes of the highly anticipated series, 12 Monkeys coming to SYFY network, right here.

In Ghostbusters reboot news, the producers are in talks with Melissa McCarthy to play one of the leads. Other names that have been tossed around include Jennifer Lawrence, and Emma Stone. We'd still like to see what's left of the original cast come back and be Ghostbuster's again! Who ya gotta call to make that happen!

Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy

Finally this week, here's the trailer for a great indie science fiction feature screening at Shock Pop Comic Con in Ft Lauderdale Florida on Feb 14th. Posthuman Project is John Hughes meets Heroes, in this low budget feature being presented by GeekFest Film Fests, the 1st traveling Geek Film Fest!


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