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The Horror Honeys

I don't even care that the premise for this film is one of the more ridiculous ones I've read in the last year, Devil's Tower is going straight to the "so bad it's awesome" pile."

The story [edited for my amusement]: When Sid's (the only American in a British movie) friend goes missing (missing where? Missing in the building?), he and new girl Sarah (new neighbor, Sarah just moved in to the building) investigate disappearances in their tower block (translation from UK to USA: high-rise apartment building). Uncovering the secret of a vengeful ghost possessing a horde of zombies (seriously?), they must fight for their lives - and their souls.

This is Sarah.
This is Sarah.

Straddling the line between unintentional comedy and purposeful meta-fest, the poorly shot trailer for Devil's Tower starts off surprisingly serious, Sarah (Roxanne Pallett) has been thrown out by her abusive, alcoholic mother, so she moves in to the notorious apartment block (an infamous building known for the suspicious deaths, and drug activity of its inhabitants), and then the story goes directly off the rails, which I wasn't expecting.

So, there's a ghost, something about fighting for souls...and zombies.

So...what do YOU think of The Devil's Tower? Hilariously bad, a good idea gone wrong, or just plain bad?


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