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Very exciting casting news from Penny Dreadful; the one and only Patti LuPone will be a guest star on the upcoming second season. The two time Tony Award winner will be playing a mysterious character who appears to have a great amount of significance in Vanessa Ive's past. LuPone was last seen on television playing the role of Joan Ramsey on American Horror Story:Coven.

Also joining LuPone on Penny Dreadful are Douglas Hodge as Bartholomew Rusk, a Scotland Yard Investigator on the trail of the vicious murder running lose in London, Sarah Greene will be joining as Hecate, Evelyn Poole's daughter and Jonny Beauchamp has been added as a man with a singular past.

Greene being added as Evelyn Poole's daughter is very intriguing considering Helen McCory (Poole) was upped to a series regular as the season 2's "big bad." Does this mean that the two ladies will be working together? And a Scotland Yard investigator hot on the trail of Mr. Chandler? It looks as though the writers are setting up an exceptionally exciting second season. Besides, can anything with Patti LuPone in it be bad?



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