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No one can deny that Marvel is doing extremely well nowadays, with the MCU being the most commercially successful superhero franchise in movie history. Every success is followed by another success, and it's no secret that even the A-listers of Hollywood, like Al Pacino, want to join the superhero ranks.

According to, the legendary American actor is ''ready to go to Marvel'', confirming that he has spoken with Kevin Feige about a mysterious role in an upcoming Marvel film. Since everyone knows that the guys working at Marvel are die-hard fans of my posts, I think it would be a good idea to contribute to the search for Mr. Pacino's ideal role in the MCU.

After conducting a research so thorough it could only be described as scientific, I created a small list with my three favorite suggestions, the roles Al Pacino was born to play!

3. Dr Strange

Dr. Strange is Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme and one of the greatest superheroes who hasn't received the cinematic treatment yet. There's a rumor claiming that the upcoming Dr. Strange isn't going to be an origin story, so we don't really want a young Stephen Strange but an older, more experienced one!

Al Pacino has previously stated that he loved Guardians of the Galaxy. Since Dr. Strange's film is probably going to be a groundbreaking film and something entirely different from the average Marvel film, just like GotG, Pacino will most likely be charmed (no pun intended) by the film's plot, doing his best to turn Dr. Strange into a fantastic, unforgettable cinematic experience!

2. Mandarin

I know that the MCU's version of the Mandarin has already appeared in Iron Man 3, with Ben Kingsley giving life to the character. However, since the reaction of the audience was mostly negative, casting Pacino as the ''real'' Mandarin is Marvel's perfect chance to make amends for their controversial move. Al Pacino has portrayed many clever, ruthless and bloodthirsty villains before; he's got the experience, he's got talent... What else do you want?

Furthermore, since Marvel probably wants to go with a non-Chinese version of the Iron Man foe--mainly due to the fact that the comic book version of the Mandarin is the embodiment of Asian stereotypes-- Pacino is the perfect choice!

1. Star-Lord's father

Guardians of the Galaxy was a risky move but it turned out to be a huge success. The sequel is probably going to be just as memorable as the first one, so why not add a touch of old-school gangster villainy to it?

In the comics, Star-Lord's father is named J'son and he's a Spartoi, an alien. He was the emperor of the planet Spartax. He tried to invade Earth, but he was stopped by the Guardians of the Galaxy. He was later overthrown by his people and was forced to flee, losing his high position and the trust of his son. Al Pacino always had an aristocratic aura around him. Many of his characters are nimble manipulators, using their charming ways and their fluency to win over their rivals and then destroy them. Although J'son isn't a very important character in the comics, he's probably going to play a crucial part in the second film, so who better than Michael Corleone himself?


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