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Great news: In case you didn't know, Al Pacino loved [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073). Awesome news: He wants to play a role the MCU. Well, challenge accepted! Mr. Pacino wants a role? I'm going to give him three! Let's begin!

Dr Strange:

The Sorcerer
The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer Supreme! Dr. Strange is the greatest Marvel character who hasn't appeared in a movie yet. Marvel has already announced that the film isn't going to be an origin story. We don't want a young Stephen Strange. We want an old one! We want the ultimate wizard! We want a skilled and an experienced spellcaster (Is that even a word?)! Al Pacino loved Guardians of the Galaxy. He is going to be charmed (pun intended) by [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) too! You know why? Because this movie is going to be something entirely new! Just like the Guardians of the Galaxy! Yes! I know about Joaquin Phoenix, but I can still hope!

2. Mandarin


Now shut up and take my money! I'm very proud I came up with this idea! It is my greatest achievement! From now on, the humanity should build golden statues of my pretty face. Seriously, isn't this every fanboy's dream come true? Many fans were angered by the plot twist in Iron Man 3. This is Marvel's chance to make it right! This is the chance to develop the real Mandarin on screen! He is one of the most threatening foes in Iron Man's Rogues Gallery. It would be a shame not to use him. I know that RDJ said "No more Iron Man films for now.", but come on Marvel! Are you really going to miss this opportunity? Al Pacino is perfect for the Mandarin. He has played roles of ambiguous criminals and tough killers. Give him a chance!

1. Star-Lord's father

Star-Lord's father
Star-Lord's father

Does Pacino want to be in [Guardians of the Galaxy 2](movie:1081113)? Well, it's sure that they are preparing a sequel. It is going to feature Peter Quill's father. Although the character didn't appear in the first movie, he was teased countless times. In the comics, he is a Spartoi, an alien. I know that the character doesn't look like Pacino. I know that he seems much younger. However, many characters change their appearances or their origin tales in order to appear on the big screen. Take Arnim Zola, Alexander Pierce, Green Goblin and Killian, for example. They are going to use another version of Quill's father. Honestly, I don't think that the fans really care about J'son's appearance in the sequel. Admit it! He is Pacino! He is a legend! He could play anyone!

What do you think? Which character should Pacino portray? I think he would deliver us a great performance, no matter the role! Leave your comments down below!



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