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It's been a really great week, and your responses were awesome! I come bearing wonderful news for TWO of you, as you'll be going to the best zombie-horror convention of all time, the Walker Stalker Con - Atlanta. Sadly, we only have these two ticket packages to give away, but I definitely wanted to highlight some of our staffs favorite answers:

Amy Vineyard:

I like the answers, definitely stayed within the family on this one. Either death would bring about some really serious plot twists!

Sarah Parker:

Hershel was definitely a huge loss to the team and my heart too!

Vanna Dupree:

I enjoy how you see Michonne, she really does bring all the traits that Rick can't.

Tawnya Bennett:

I wish he was my teacher and schooled me on the subject of kicking zombie butt!

Christina Sielschott:

I agree, I'm Team Glenn forever!

And now for the moment that you've all been waiting for. The two winners of the three-day passes for Walker Stalker Con are:

Susan Davis:

Almost doing a complete 180 from my above 'Team Glenn' comment, a death between either of them would become an interesting plot twist on The Walking Dead. It is a zombie apocalypse, and I don't think a perfect-prince-princess-falling-in-love-and-staying-together story would work out too well. Great answer, have fun on your trip to Walker Stalker Con!

Autumn Whitman:

I think the perfect way to put it is the all encompassing internet sensation saying of, 'If Daryl dies, we riot!' The angle that you put it in completely shows how vital Daryl is to not only the team, but to the Walking Dead franchise. Congrats on winning the tickets, make sure to take tons of photos for us!

If you are attending Walker Stalker Con, make sure to head over to our two panels where our lovely Horror Page Manager, Kat, will be speaking to each of the victims of The Walking Dead.

And just like that, another contest is finished, thank you to all the responses, your answers were amazing! Make sure to keep in touch and follow me on Moviepilot as I'll be heading way more giveaways and contests for you all.


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