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In today's kinda-seems-made-up-but-could-maybe-be-real? celebrity news, those of you wondering if the celebrity hacking privacy breach would drive a wedge between the literally and figuratively exposed Jennifer Lawrence and her brand-spankin'-new man toy, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, worry not.

A source reportedly told Hollywood Life that Chris is crazy about Jennifer and sticking by her through a rough time, rather than bouncing because of the drama.

A source tells what Chris thinks about the “disturbing” hack. Chris and Jen have fallen for each other — and fast. Despite this scandal, we’ve learned that Chris has NO plans to leave Jen’s side.

“Chris doesn’t care that Jennifer took naked pics of herself, he’s more concerned that her privacy was invaded,” a source tells “The whole thing is disturbing and Chris has just been very supportive.”

Our source reveals that Chris is NOT the kind of man who would break up with Jen right now. “He would never end things with Jennifer over something like this,” our source spills. The couple are using humor to get through this negative situation!

“It will pass, that’s what he tells her. And he just uses his quirky sense of humor to help her look at the funny side. They both do a lot of laughing together, which is what really attracted them to each other in the first place,” our source says.
As we previously reported, Jen isn’t taking this nude photo leak lightly.

“Jen is horrified over this leak and knows that this will possibly affect her upcoming roles,” a source told “She knows that A list stars don’t have this type of controversy attached to them and is very much horrified over the whole situation.

Is it just me, or does that source seem to be making something out of nothing?

Like, the dude has just gotten out of being married to Gwyneth Paltrow. For over a decade. Anyone who thinks he'd bail on a younger, more chilled-out girlfriend because of a few nude photos clearly does not understand how listening to Gwyneth ramble about the best way to roast her organic, locally sourced kale for autumn smoothies for ten years straight would clearly have destroyed Chris' ability to even give even one single, solitary f**k about this.

Not in terms of not caring how it affects Jen or that it's completely messed up, of course, but in terms of him not even batting an eyelash about their relationship or thinking of her any differently.

'You ate wheat again, didn't you? DIDN'T you?'
'You ate wheat again, didn't you? DIDN'T you?'

I imagine the conversation went like this:

Jennifer: But Chris, I--I don't want you to think less of me because know. All this drama...

Chris: Let me ask you just one question. Am I allowed to eat pizza when we hang out?

Jennifer: Um...yes?

Chris: Does it have to be organic?

Jennifer: What the hell? Why would I care if it's organic?

Chris: WITH gluten and everything?

Jennifer: Obviously.

Chris: Please God, don't ever leave me.

So, ya know, let's hope those other, completely contradictory rumors about Chris getting ready to break up with Jen because this mess has made him rethink their age difference aren't true. They're a weird couple I never would have expected, but whatever. You do you, girl.


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