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Rumors flying around the web lately about Avengers: Age of Ultron and how Avengers 3 will have a entirely new cast leaves us fans curious. The rumors of a well known Avenger dying in the sequel Age of Ultron, leaves fans saddened and worried. Could we see the Avengers crumble by the third movie? With more rumors of Avengers 3 to have the Civil War story line as the main plot, we could see the fall of the Avengers as we know it. It seems more and more likely to see a new age of heroes step up. Why not the kids of the heroes? Think about teenagers fighting a new version of Ultron or a new villain in general. I introduce the Next Avengers! Captain America/Black Widow's son, James Rogers taking the helm of his late father. Henry Pym Jr. the son of Giant Man and Wasp. Azari the son of Black Panther and Storm, Torunn the daughter of Thor and Sif and Francis Barton the son of Hawkeye and Mockingbird. It would be a new take on the classic heroes and bring in a wide variety audience.

Next Avengers Heroes of Tomorrow
Next Avengers Heroes of Tomorrow

With Steve Rogers set to die in Captain America 3, and an undecided cast replacement of either Falcon or The Winter Soldier. Could we see this possibility of the kids coming into the picture? Marvel could play this right and welcome in new characters with fresh stories. People say there isn't enough women superheros, so this could bring in crowds of new and old fans. This is a possibility after the Avengers 3 film, come on you don't think they will push the series as far as they can? Its Hollywood, the logic of Hollywood is how can we get as much money out of this as possible? Where I stand, this could play out well. Marvel gambled big once before with Guardians of the Galaxy, why not again?

Next Avengers: Could we see the Avengers children in the near future?

Granted no one wants to see kids fight. Look at the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. They are teenagers, in the comics they were older. Granted there are some other issues with the film already, but not to stray of topic here. The "kid or teenager" aspect is working well for Marvel. Look at the Spider Man movies, or the t.v. shows. Along with Agents of Shield, with a younger cast it makes kids want to be superheroes. Even though the movies that are out now make them think that, imagine how that could change when they can relate to a younger hero? Avengers Age of Ultron releases in 2015 along with Ant Man, with many more films planned in the future for Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why can't they introduce the Next Avengers story line or others similar in Phase Four?

How about it readers do you agree with me or disagree? Have any suggestions about other stories that Marvel can introduce? Comment below I would love to hear your ideas! Leave out insults, we are all friends here. Also, I am putting the link to the plot of The Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow below the article for your reading pleasure.


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