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Gotham comes to our screens two weeks from today, and FOX has released four new behind-the-scenes featurettes for just a little more of a peek into the making of the show. You might think that with the amount of trailers and specials they have already put out (including this thirty-minute BTS special), there wouldn't be much left to tell without giving it all away, but there are still a couple of hints left to discover!

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1. Gotham's Ben McKenzie on Re-imagining Comissioner Gordon

Most of this short featurette simply sums up what we have already heard about this new version of James Gordon; his struggle to keep his morality when working in Gotham, this new look at a younger Jim and the mythology from his perspective.

However, there was just one line that got my ears a-pricking. Gordon, as a rookie "sees the entire criminal deck of cards". Well, isn't that an interesting way to phrase the idea that he gets to see the petty criminals as well as the big crime bosses? The imagination may be running a bit wild, but with producers already confirming "possible jokers" throughout the show, might that be a hint as to the eventual Joker's connections?

2. Gotham: Meet The Heroes!

This featurette focuses on the two main detective teams; Gordon and Bullock, and Montoya and Allen (from the Major Crimes Unit). The title here is interesting, another little nod to the show as a cop show, rather than a Batman show. Also interesting is that yet again, the idea of the "good guys" not being all they seem is re-visited. McKenzie has repeatedly talked about Gordon trusting the wrong people, and with this featurette making it clear that he is inclined to trust the MUC partners over Bullock, could these be the "wrong people" that he trusts?

3. Take A Tour Of The Gotham Set

Here, we get a closer look at some of the sets, and the amount of care and detail that went into building them. The precinct, which looks (to me) to be the jewel of the show in set terms, is a huge three-level stage. Interestingly, this set does a lot to show us that the creators are trying to avoid having the show easily identifiable as set in any one age. Most of the tech is not modern, but it is intentionally from a range of eras, from the sixties to the eighties. In another special, we were told that there would be some "modern" items, like the clothing and the use of cell phones, but it looks like it's all mixed together, which is really cool.

We also get a look at the level of detail in Wayne manor, where tiny "bat" references are squeezed in, from a book on bats in the bottom of a stack, to some abstract bat artwork in the background.

Most shockingly of all, however, was the tour of Mrs Cobblepot's lair. A twenties-style boudouir, it suits the slightly mad-looking woman we saw in the special, but when it came to the bath in the middle of the room...
brought in for an "intimate mother/son moment". What?! I don't even want to start to speculate on what that moment will be, but it's clear that the writers haven't shied away from the darkness of the mythology, or a true explanation of why these villains are quite so messed up.

4. Gotham Stunt Co-ordinator Norman Douglass Teaches Us How To (Fake) Fight

Any superhero show is an action show at the core, and needs an incredible stunt co-ordinator to pull it off. Norman Douglass has an incredible resume as both stuntman and co-ordinator, and has worked on movies such as Goodfellas, and The Bourne Ultimatum, and has won an award for his work. He's definitely got the skills and experience to make this amazing, and just watching some of the rehearsal footage is absolutely incredible! I've always loved seeing really skillful hand-to-hand combat scenes, and with Gordon's military background and the look of the fighting in this featurette, I'm really excited to watch the show.

Gotham begins September 22nd on FOX.


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