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Okay, so I may be a wee bit obsessed with this little television show called "The Walking Dead". If you haven't heard of it, I'm sorry you've been under a rock for so long.. It's only one of the biggest shows on television. Anyways, as most of you probably know, The Walking Dead films in Georgia. But what you may not know is you can actually visit locations where The Walking Dead has filmed and I have all of the important info to pass along to my fellow fans.

I first figured this exciting little fact out a year ago on vacation with my family to Stone Mountain, GA, where I spotted the Atlanta skyline from the top of a mountain and promptly remembered the show my heart holds so dear was partially based out of Atlanta. This realization sent me into a research frenzy which lead me to some quaint little towns, country back roads, incredibly awesome people, and brought my favorite t.v. show to life.

First stop: Senoia, GA - This cute little town is home base for the show. The studio where the magic happens (and the prison was located) is here. Downtown Senoia was Woodbury. This town makes the super fan's heart happy (it did mine, at least, I've already been twice). While here, make sure you make a stop at The Woodbury Shoppe for all your Walking Dead merchandise needs… and a mini museum where you get to see things like Daryl Dixon's actual motorcycle and many, many other Walking Dead memorabilia.

Me standing next to Daryl's motorcycle
Me standing next to Daryl's motorcycle

Next stop: Haralson, GA - A number of episodes were filmed here, but my favorite spot in Haralson is, of course, the Esco Feed Mill where so much action went down. There's an awesome lady here who gives tours of the mill where you get to pretty much reenact scenes from the show. It's pretty freakin' awesome. There's also a gift shop called Cherokee Rose Retail (where you purchase tickets for the tour) with some props from the show inside. Here's a link for more info on that tour.

Final stop: Grantville, GA - Another spot where multiple episodes have been filmed, most notably "Clear" from season 3. Grantville is a town with yet another awesome tour that takes you inside Morgan's apartment. I got the chance to go on a private tour here, thanks to more incredible locals who make all of this possible by allowing filming to take place and crazy fans to stop by for a visit, but if you go on a scheduled tour, you also get to watch the episode in the area where Morgan burns walker bodies (how cool is that?!). End your tour with a visit to their gift shop for more Walking Dead merchandise because you can never have enough, right?

Of course, these 3 towns are only the hot spots of filming locations. There are a TON more on the backroads. When my husband and I paid a visit back in July on our honeymoon (yes, we did use part of our honeymoon to stalk Walking Dead locales), we probably visited 50+ locations and didn't even hit all of them. I consider myself a mini expert at this point. But none of my walker stalking could have been possible without the incredible people from GaDEAD Tours who gathered all of this information and put it together to make a handy little do-it-yourself tour app. Seriously, this stuff is next level and I wouldn't recommend getting lost in the back roads of Georgia without it.

Now if you consider yourself a super fan, you better start planning your trip. If your timing is right, you may even run into some of our favorite cast members (we missed Norman Reedus by a DAY when we were there.. just my luck)! Let me know if you have any questions, pictures to share, or want to swap stalker stories.. I'd love to connect! Happy stalking (but not really, that's punishable in a court of law)!


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