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Some people know how much I want this series but for those who don't...

So, let me start this fan cast by saying that these are my opinions. I know you are either gonna like it or hate it. Shit happens. I'mma big boy, I can handle it.

Da Rules:

1) There may or may not be profanity within this article. You have been warned.

2) I am making 3 articles surrounding the Supergirl TV series. This is #1; the fan cast.

3) I am writing these 3 articles with 'Supergirl' being on The CW. Assuming it will be on The CW due to the fact of Greg Berlanti's DC Comics related shows are all on The CW.

4) I have picked my choices that are mainly TV actors. I do have 1 choice that is mainly a movie actress but has enough TV credits that she may consider the role.

5) I was planning on picking 5 woman, but I only picked 4. I am, however, planning on making an update to this list with a new choice in the future. So, I am asking you, the reader, to pick another actress not listed here you'll like to see play Supergirl.

6) When picking all of these choices, I was trying to imagine the actress either wearing a suit like Henry Cavill's Superman suit or something like Tom Welling's Red-Blue Blur suit from season 10 of 'Smallville'.

Let me give you my #4!

Amber Heard. Amber is a high choice for a lot of fans & I can't blame them. Amber is a good enough actress to play a darker, grittier, realistic Supergirl along side Stephen Amell's Green Arrow & Grant Gustin's Flash. When I was looking through other fan casts &'s Supergirl fan cast list, a lot of people wanted Amber Heard (or at least that is what I've seen). Amber has the right age, the look, the acting ability. I don't see her casting as a terrible casting.


Emma Lahana. Former Yellow Dino Thunder Power Ranger, Emma has been jumping from movies & TV since PRDT ended. I'm pretty sure that some people will either ask themselves or me, why the hell a Power Ranger as Supergirl? Well, Emma has 'bout everything needed for a series like this; action background with Power Rangers, the darkness needed through a dark & gritty biopic 'Dear Mr. Gacy' back in 2010 & some supernatural experience through Syfy's 'Haven'. Emma is a good actress with just the right physical abilities to play Supergirl.


Laura Wiggins. Mainly known for her role as Karen in Showtime's 'Shameless' but some CW fans might remember her in the cancelled 'The Tomorrow People' as Irene. We know how Warner Bros. likes to re-use some of their actors/actresses; like Jensen Ackles (Smallville/Supernatural), Kristen Kreuk (Smallville/Beauty and The Beast) & Robbie Amell (The Tomorrow People/The Flash). Laura definitely has the acting ability to play a superhero, she's young enough to work well with, again, Stephen Amell & Grant Gustin & her physical appearance (as of muscle tone) can be fixed. Just look how Henry Cavill transformed from 'The Cold Light Of Day' Cavill to 'Man Of Steel' Cavill.


Amelia Rose Blaire. Known because of her 'True Blood' fame. I know, I know, Amelia doesn't have blonde hair. That does not mean she can't dye her hair. Amelia has experience in a power filled world through 'True Blood', so that shouldn't be an issue. She also got some dark, gritty experience from 'True Blood'. I think Amelia is a really good choice. TV actor, has done some movies, has the look, has the right age, the right acting ability. And hell, if WB & The CW decide on making Supergirl a brunette, I'll still support it like I am now. Maybe even more depending on if the actress is right for the role.

That is all I have except your own choice! Let me know in the gootch!


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