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Part 3 of my "Supergirl TV series" series.

Da Rules:

1) There may or may not be profanity within this article. You have been warned.

2) I am making 3 articles surrounding the Supergirl TV series. This is #3; the top 5 villains.

3) I am writing these 3 articles with 'Supergirl' being on The CW. Assuming it will be on The CW due to the fact of Greg Berlanti's DC Comics related shows are all on The CW. *UPDATE* I have found out since starting this article that CBS has put a series order on 'Supergirl' (not SuperGirl cause Supergirl has never been spelt like that). So, since we know the probability of TNT's 'Titans' being connected to The CW's 'Arrow' & 'The Flash', due to the fact that TNT is a Warner Brothers owned channel, the probability of 'Supergirl' being connected to 'Arrow' & 'The Flash' has the same level of probability that 'Titans' have, due to The CW being owned by Warner Brothers & CBS.

4) I am rating these from 5 to 1 based on 2 things, my want & likelihood of it happening (sort of).

5) I chose mainly Superman villains because she is a "Super". It would be a little hard to this show without having a couple Superman villains in it.

Number 5 on this list is on here because I don't think he'll show up in a Superman movie, #5;

Albert Michaels/Joseph Martin/Atomic Skull. I'm more of a fan of Martin but Berlenti could go with what they are doing with Count Vertigo in 'Arrow'. I think Atomic Skull could be the Deadshot of the series, a reoccurring villain. Skull has that level of power that would be awesome to see on TV.

#4, which is a long shot;

Mongul or...

Mongal. I picked Mongul/Mongal because I think the series needs the Darkseid-type villain & the possibility of Mongul popping up in a DC movie is relatively small, but that is my opinion. I, myself, am leaning more towards Mongal because Mongal has more of a fighting defense compared to Mongul whom just uses his combat as a last line of defense.

#3, this one is a fun one to just have some cameos from different DC characters;

Nanaue/King Shark. The likelihood of Shark being on a TV series is slim due to the heavy make-up needed, but they could have it where the crew throws away the shark make-up & just do little pieces where the actor could look like a fish. The one thing that I would love to have with this show is the thing 'Arrow' has been doing with season 1 & 2, have at least one hero from the comics. So, with this Aquaman villain, I would have either...

Garth, Kaldur'ahm or Tula come on the show. Hopefully, during the first season to have the Aqua-sidekick come onto 'Titans'.

#2, no matter how much we don't want to admit this, but this villain probably won't get their own movie;

Lobo. I think most of us can admit, Lobo is too badass to ignore. Lobo NEEDS a live action adaptation. That is all I need to say.

#1, relatively new villain, but one that I have a near undying love for this character;

H'El (or H'el, whichever way you want to spell it because I'm still fucking confused about how to spell it). Since in the comics H has more backstory with Superboy & Supergirl, H would fit the Supergirl series a lot better. H'El would & should be a season long villain. He could be the General Zod of the series. H is very powerful & can really give Kara a fight worth watching.

That's it, this is the end of my 3-part Supergirl article series. So far, a lot of people that have commented on the other 2 have been fairly nice... what the fuck, peeps? I want some negative comments & positive comments! Hell, I'd rather have all negative comments than have all positive! Give me something to work with! So, in conclusion, write whatever you like down in the gootch. I'll be back later with more shitty articles! Bye.


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