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Thor 3 has been widely rumored be feature one of the most catastrophic story-lines in the entire Marvel Universe, the Norse Apocalypse, Ragnarok.

Thor 3 Ragnarok: Spoilers!

The details of the story are complex, but, with a disguised Loki sitting on the throne at the end of Thor: A Dark World, it could be that we are set up for this awesome, world changing epic.

Essentially, Thor 3 Ragnarok sees Loki and the Fire demon Surtur march on Asgard. Thor manages to fight them off, but loses his famous hammer Mjolnir. Once he has dealt with the fire demon and his brother, however, he does not hesitate in dealing him once and for all - Thor rips his brother's head off.

Loki's Head, gone but not forgotten
Loki's Head, gone but not forgotten

And that is just the start of the epic battles that fans can expect in Ragnarok.

If this were to happen, however, it could mean the end of Tom Hiddleston in as Loki - but would he ever consider playing another superhero character? And if so, who would you most like to him play? Let's run through some of the most popular options?

The Joker

After Heath Ledger's performance in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, many believed that no one would ever be able to take on the character again with the same intensity, fervor and exact combination of insanity, humor and danger. But might Tom Hiddleston be the right man for the job?

He certainly has some of the attributes needed for the joker, as proved in this scene in [The Avengers](movie:9040), where he is pulls of the right mixture of threat, sadism and playful manipulation:

Mister Sinister

Could Tom Hiddleston play Mister Sinister?
Could Tom Hiddleston play Mister Sinister?

One of the strangest, most out there superheroes in the entire Marvel universe (but not owned by Disney, so no worries about a Avengers crossover) Mister Sinister plays a key role in the creation of Cable - another character rumored to feature in the upcoming X-Men Apocalypse - and has also been one of Apocalypse's Four Horsemen.

With a lifespan of over a thousand years, Mister Sinister could feature in more than one timeline if the X-Men movies continue to do their time jumping, the only drawback would be that Sinister may appear in X-Men Apocalypse itself, and that could be too soon to Hiddleston to make an exit from The Avengers.

More Loki

Another option that may prove popular with fans would be to simply have Tom Hiddleston continue on as Loki in The Avengers. He is signed up for 2 more films, and won't appear in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, so unless he features in another before Thor 3 there is a chance they may skip Loki having his head ripped off in Ragnarok.

Then again, Loki does not die when his head is ripped off. Instead, his head keeps talking while tied to his brother Thor's belt.

Loki as a talking head for The Avengers 3? Could be interesting... But what do you think Tom Hiddleston should do after Ragnarok?

Would you rather see him as the Joker, Mister Sinister, or simply have him continue as Loki for as long as possible?


Who should Tom Hiddleston play after Thor 3 Ragnarok?


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