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Tarantino's classic neo-noir/black comedy/uncategorisable indie flick Pulp Fiction turns 20 this month.

Released on September 23rd 1994 to rave reviews and surprise box office success, few films can claim to have had such a lasting influence on modern cinema.

There's the unforgettable dance scenes:

The endlessly quotable dialogue:

And of course, the timeless sexy that was Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace:

To celebrate 20 years of Pulp Fiction, we're taking a behind the scenes look at the making of the movie, with 10 things you probably didn't know about it, accompanied by some amazing behind-the-scenes photos.

So without further ado, let's take a fresh look at the film that changed everything.


1) Julia Louis-Dreyfus almost played Mia Wallace

The comedienne turned down the role because of her commitment to Seinfeld. Halle Berry, Meg Ryan, and Isabella Rosellini were all considered for the role before it was given to Uma Thurman. Thank god.

2) The 'F' Word is said 265 times during the movie

Tarantino's first movie Reservoir Dogs just tops it with 269 instances.

3) Even the film's title is meta

While actual Pulp magazines - a genre popularized in the 1950s and famous for explicit violence and filthy dialogue - are never directly referred to in the film, its graphic stylings come straight out of trashy literature.

4) Michael Madsen was supposed to play Vincent Vega

He'd previously played Vic Vega in Reservoir Dogs, but turned down the role. Instead, Tarantino cast then washed-up John Travolta, who went on to be nominated for the Oscar for Best Actor.

5) ...and Butch was meant to be a boxer

Tarantino eventually amended the character for Bruce Willis, having originally considered Mickey Rourke and Sylvester Stallone.

6) Jules is a self-fulfilling prophecy

At the end of Pulp Fiction, Jules expresses a desire to become a drifter. In Kill Bill Vol. 2, Samuel L. Jackson features as a drifting pianist called Rufus.

7) The infamous gimp scene could've been very different

Tarantino originally wanted to use "My Sharona" by The Knack for the rape scene, but the rights had already been sold to the makers of Reality Bites. Instead, he used "Comanche" by The Revels.

Here's what might have gone down (it's pretty spectacular):

8) "Anytime of day is a good time for pie."

Fabienne repeats this line word for word from Alabama, which was written by Tarantino.

9) Mia + Vincent don't actually win the dance contest

Although we see them returning home holding a trophy, later on in the film a news bulletin in the background of a scene announces the trophy has been stolen - Mia and Vincent lost the competition and took the trophy anyway.

10) Jules's Bible speech is ad-libbed

In the climactic scene of Pulp Fiction, Jules Winfield recites a Biblical passage he claims comes from Ezekiel 25:17. In actual fact, only the last two lines are accurate - the rest was invented by Samuel L. Jackson and Tarantino.


Happy Birthday Pulp Fiction, and thanks for everything.

(Source: Shortlist/Miramax)


Is Pulp Fiction still as important as it was in 1994?


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