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Prepare yourselves for the perfect blend of nostalgia and cute: The DuckTales theme song has been recreated with actual ducks.

It's been 24 years since a new DuckTales episode was released, but it still lives on in the hearts of 80s and 90s kids. Enough, it seems, for someone to gather some live animals, put adorable head-wear on them and make magic happen.

Check it out:

Aaaand now I have the DuckTales themesong stuck in my head for eternity. But seriously, that was mind-bendingly cute and compared with the original credits I have to say it's not a bad match up considering the trials of working with live fowl!

All this DuckTale reminiscing has got me thinking, what other cartoon intros could they recreate with their real animal counterpart?

Check out a few that I think would be amazing:

Samurai Pizza Cats

Cats in cute costumes blasting out of pizzerias? Sign me up!


Sharky and George

This detective shark and fish duo definitely needs a live action intro.


Street Sharks

While this may be a murderous logistical nightmare to recreate with live sharks, I'd be willing for someone to try it.


Rocko's Modern Life

Kangaroo owners of the world, I want to see this! If someone can cajole a cow into suspenders I will be mightily impressed.


Biker Mice from Mars

Mice on bikes, can't be that hard to recreate, surely!


Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys

This surely has to be one that could actually be done, c'mon space monkeys!



One fine day with a woof and a purr, a baby was born and it cause a little stir! I will abstain from pointing out the obvious difficulties with this one.


Did I leave any classics out? Let me know in the comments!


What old cartoon should be recreated next?

Source: BuzzFeed


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