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"Everything That Will Kill You… From A to Z" by CollegeHumor is a darkly comic animated poem about some of the many different things that could kill someone, with at least one potential cause of death listed for each letter of the alphabet... As if all the tabloids aren't providing enough fear-mongering for our day-to-day lives.

Still, might as well make light of death, hey? It's gonna happen sooner or later...

Check it out below and pay particular attention to the letter "K", 'cos it's a really surprising killer:

I never believed something so twee could be so terrifying.

Here are the three letters of the alphabet that haunt me the most...



"A" is for alcohol, source for addiction, liver diseases and other afflictions.

Gee, thanks for ruining my Friday evenings, truth.



Gluten for "G", if you buy into that.

I also admit to skepticism about this gluten-free craze. GIMME DAT BREAD.



"I" for Insecticide, veggies are sprayed.

Joni Mitchell and her "Big Yellow Taxi" warned me about this. But to see it as a black and white cartoon? Harrowing.



What's your most feared way of dying from "Everything That Will Kill You"?

(Source: YouTube)


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