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Worried you'll miss out on your regular dose of almost incomprehensible cuteness today? Those adorable puppy pictures that seem to take up half the internet just not cutting it anymore? Your friends' baby pictures verging on the deeply irritating?

Well, worry not, because Guardians of the Galaxy doesn't just have your back when it comes to inter-galactic action awesomeness - it's also prompted one artist to create just about the cutest thing you'll see this week.

Mike S Miller clearly took one look at Rocket Raccoon and Groot - two of the year's most adorable characters - and thought "y'know what? I can make them cuter." What's more, he did it in the most universally-accepted-as-awesome way possible: by Calvin and Hobbes-ifying them:

Now, while it's true that nothing can ever truly match up to Bill Watterson's original Calvin and Hobbes strip in terms of fundamental awesomeness, adding Rocket and Groot to it is probably about as close as it's possible to get.

Except, possibly, for Michael Covino's Jon and Ghost:


Still need more awesomeness? Don't forget, [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) is still in theaters...


What do you guys reckon? Are Rocket and Groot cuter than Calvin and Hobbes?



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