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Ryan Kelley might be breaking hearts as the loyal Deputy Jordan Parrish on Teen Wolf, but it seems like he's impatient to solve one particular mystery before the Season 4 finale next Monday.

We know that Parrish is a good guy, whose eyes can do this:

...and who can walk away from being burnt alive without a scratch on him. Weird.

Well, Ryan Kelly is apparently no more enlightened than us as to the true nature of Deputy Parrish. He told Hypable:

Being on Teen Wolf is almost as suspenseful as watching Teen Wolf! We hardly ever know much more about the big plot twists than the audience does.

Kelley has started a Twitter campaign to get fans of the show to guess which supernatural being Deputy Parrish is, under the hashtag whatisparrish.

So far, most guesses seem to be a Phoenix or Fire Kitsune. But some of the more colourful suggestions are pretty amusing. Co-star Tom T. Choi tweeted:

While other fans have gone wild with fantasy:

Fingers crossed we'll get to see Deputy Parrish twerking in the finale.

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What is Parrish?


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