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With rumors that our beloved Robert Pattinson has hooked up with singer TKA Twigs (aka Tahliah Debrett Barnett), there is some speculation today that despite this R Patz is still not over Kristen Stewart, and the two may be reunited at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival!

While we all know that K Stew and R Patz broke up quite some time ago, we also know that since then Rob has become a bit of hermit, perhaps because he's still heartbroken over the whole thing? Aw Rob!

Either way, before he heads to Toronto, Pattinson will have a big decision to make about whether he commits to this new relationship with Tahliah or possible reunites with Kristen at the film festival.

This could be one exciting film festival, folks! We'll definitely be keeping a close on the two to see if there is hint of a reunion.


Do you think R Patz and K Stew should get back together?

Source: IB Times


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