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Get your best dresses on because we've got a dinner date with Paul Wesley! Well....Sorta. The Vampire Diaries star has released a hilarious video of him sitting down to dinner with his fans as he answered all the burning questions we have for Season 6, as well as letting a little something slip about Bamon! OMG!

Seated at a table and surrounded by goblets of blood, Paul answered questions such as "how do you get in the 'zone' of your role?" with his trademark charm and wit, as well as mentioning a little something about a possible relationship we like to call Bamon.

Watch the whole video below:

Wait, what did he just say about a Bamon baby!? Don't you toy with us Paul Wesley! Even though he seemed to be joking throughout the whole video I can't help but feel like there could be more truth to those Bamon answers than he lets on...

I guess we'll have to wait until Thursday, October 2nd to find out when Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries premieres!


Are you team Bamon?

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