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So, sure, Lego is pretty fundamentally awesome any way you look at it. And, yes, Star Wars is one of the only things in the universe that's actually even cooler. But combining two fantastic things together doesn't always work out, right?

Nope, it definitely does.

Or, at least, it definitely does when combining them means you end up with a giant, epic, ridiculously fun-looking Lego version of Boba Fett's Slave I.

I mean, just look at it... It's...beautiful.

And it even comes with Han Solo in Carbonite - because of course it does:

Plus, as a bonus, the fact that Lego are putting out this new version of Slave I (they released a much smaller, simpler version a few years back) might just suggest there's a chance we'll actually get to see Boba Fett - or some version of his armor - in the upcoming [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158).

And if not, who cares? We can just play with our brand new, shiny Slave I...


What do you guys think? Slave I suitably epic?

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