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Prometheus, the prequel to the iconic sci-fi movie, Alien and its sequels, was an intriguing, exciting and mysterious movie.

Fans then, are eagerly anticipating [Prometheus 2](movie:512281), hoping that it will answer the questions that the first film raised, questions like - why did the Engineers create mankind, and then want to destroy them? How did the Xenomorph get from the planet on Prometheus (LV-223) to the planet they are discovered on at the start of Alien (LV-446)? To name just a few.

As yet, it is still unclear what the plot of the next Prometheus movies will be, but might Ridley Scott decide to take a different direction with the next movies, and go *back* in time, making Prometheus 2 a prequel to a prequel?

Michael Fassbender and the Robotic Return of David

Much of the plot of Prometheus revolved around Peter Weyland, the elderly CEO of Weyland Inc in the stasis chamber, and the android he had instructed to do his bidding, David.

David betrayed the crew, infecting one of them with the black goo, and then leading Peter Weyland to the Engineer he found in stasis (which proved to be a mistake) - all with the aim of restoring his creator, Peter Weyland, back to life.

One of the few near-confirmed details of Prometheus 2 is that it will see Michael Fassbender return, playing more than one "David 8" robot.

We know that by the time of Alien, the robots are disguised and do not all have the same appearance - after David's betrayal of his crew, could this model no longer be trusted? Does the rumors of many David androids hint that Prometheus 2 will go back in time?

Peter Weyland, Blade Runner & Prometheus 2?

The next sign that we could be heading back rather than forward in time for Prometheus 2, is one of the other trailer for Prometheus. This sees a young Peter Weyland, giving a TED Talk for the year 2023.

He talks about a new moment in human progress, and explains the myth of Prometheus stealing fire from the Gods, proclaiming mankind - with its new technological abilities - as the new Gods.

Watch the TED Talk trailer here:

Could Prometheus 2 spend more time on this earth, seeing the rise of Peter Weyland and Weyland Inc?

It might be hard to justify, especially considering that this movie is supposed to fulfill the potential of that Xenomorph Alien bursting through the Engineer's chest at the end of Prometheus, but the earth of 2023 does look like an interesting place.

In fact, that earth might be more familiar than previously realized. In an Easter Egg on the DVD of Prometheus we got this, a memo of Peter Weyland, which seems to hint that Peter Weyland knew another dystopian sci-fi CEO, who he called a "mentor and competitor" - the creator of the replicants in Blade Runner, those other androids which were implanted with false memories:

Prometheus 2 and Blade Runner crossover CONFIRMED!?
Prometheus 2 and Blade Runner crossover CONFIRMED!?

So what do you think? Could Prometheus 2 be a Prometheus prequel? What would you most like to see happen in the next Prometheus movie? have your say below the line!


Will Prometheus 2 be a prequel?


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