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With the upcoming season of The Vampire Diaries nearly upon us, I couldn't help but let my mind drift back to the very beginning...

We got our first glimpse at the mysterious Salvatore brothers exactly five years ago today, so on the fifth anniversary of the first ever episode of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) let's take a walk down memory lane and reflect on what's changed since the premiere of a lifetime.

Elena's wish to "be someone new" totally came true...

When Elena vowed to "no longer be the sad little girl who lost her parents", she totally meant it...

I bet she didn't foresee becoming the sad little vampire who lost her greatest love and her best friend instead though.

Life's a b**ch when you mix with the supernatural.

Oh well, at least Elena had some time to be totally badass in between!


So, Grams is telling me I'm psychic!

Even Bonnie's first ever lines in The Vampire Diaries were a prophesy within themselves!

No other character has come on so much as Mystic Fall's heroic witch. Bonnie has gone from making inaccurate guesses that Stefan is an enigmatic guitarist from Seattle to badass witchy moves like this;

Not to mention single-handedly holding The Other Side together until that teeny little season five finale incident...


Caroline hadn't quite figured out caring...

Remember the insensitive Caroline who referred to the newly bereaved Elena as "you poor thing" and made us wince when she she spoke about her as if she wasn't even there?

Well, things have certainly changed since. Caroline made history when she became the first character to become more compassionate since becoming a vampire!

Who knew this insecure and competitive airhead had it in her to control her bloodlust with more mastery than even the oldest vamps?


Jeremy, from meh to oh haiiiiii!

The former "crack head" with "Pete Wentz" nail polish has certainly come on a long way since the first episode...

No wonder Bonnie fell for him. Not jealous at all.


The tone of things to come?

Maybe it wasn't a coincidence that Elena bumped into Stefan outside the men's room!

When you look at the confusing shambles their relationship eventually evolved into, it makes perfect sense!


Text-u-al attraction

It's only been five years, but does anyone text like this anymore?!

Still, we would all be pleased to get this full caps message, dated abbreviation and all!


Another romantic first communication...

Ummm, were Elena's first words to the love of her life "Okay, hi bird"?!


Back in the mists of time...

Remember when the VD special effects team were a bit too into fog?

Well, they totally grew out of that... Oh no, wait....


A photographic memory

Ah, the good old days when Katherine Pierce was nothing more than an innocent picture to us...


THIS was our first ever look at Damon...

Hello brother, indeed!


...And even though he was clearly bad news, we LOVED him immediately!

I mean. everyone hated the 90s, right?


Although we did have our doubts within the first 30 seconds!


And we're still so glad Stefan is the one Elena invited in <3

Sure, things didn't work out perfectly but it was a beautiful love story.

Besides, if you need an introduction to vampires then this gentleman is your man!


Which character has changed the most since the first ever episode of The Vampire Diaries?


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