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Not a "Professional movie critic" just a man with a deep fondness for Horror, WereWolf, and SuperHero film and literature.. #IamThaWolfMan

First off, im not a movie critic, so if you get all butt hurt about the spelling then, well hey im just a normal guy ill use the spell check as much as possible. Also hear is a WARNING there might be some slightly bleeped out profanity used in my post so be advised. If you are not fond of cursing, well sh*t i just dont know what to tell you ( in my Cartman voice.) lol ENJOY.

August 26th released to us WWE's reboot of the cult classic The Leprechaun films, I for one was excited to see there take on The Leprechaun and I was eager to see Hornswaggle's portrayal of the main antagonist. The day I saw it up for download i happily waited for it to download so i can finally watch the movie I anticipated on then.. I got this, decent story line, alright acting,( witch im 100% fine with when it comes to "monster movies") AND A TERRIBLE LEPRECHAUN!. I was dissapointed to say the least. Its like WWE were like, "Hey we got this preety cool story going on hear in rural Ireland. Got these ancient stones, and this little town with it's dark secrets. Oh yea were getting something good hear. Want to know what we should do? What? Lets just [email protected]%K it up and make the leprechaun look Sh**ty. Yea forget trying to recreate the original Leprechaun with Hornswaggle lets just dress him up like some kind of alien rat an say he likes gold."

Forreals? Your messing with me right?


I fealt like there was more WWE could have done to make this movie better then it was, because i honestly fealt this movie was a joke. I mean i understand the Leprechaun movies that came out in recent years havent been so serious or pointed to the scary side like this movie was suppose to be, but i feal Leprechaun in da Hood was a way better flick then this recent installment in the Leprechaun franchise. As a horror fan and a fan of the original Leprechaun i got to say, Sorry WWE but BAD JOB, JUST TERRIBLE ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE (In my chef Ramsey's voice.)

But the fault is not Hornswaggle's I honestly feal given the chance he would of did a good job as a leprechaun more close to how the original was might not as well as Warwick Davis but he would of been good. Im sorry Hornswaggle maybe WWE wont take the bad criticism im sure they received and tey might have a go at it again, maybe then you'll get a skript that will do you some justice and make you out to be more lie our Warwick Davis Leprechaun, but only time will tell.


What did you guys think of the movie?


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