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Celebrating with it's 20 years release date on September 10th here is our film review!

This is one of my favourite Quentin Tarantino films and yes i do love this film and yes i do love all his films EXCEPT Death Proof that ones a no no!

I have to say this is one of my favourite ever openings in a film as the intro just gets you hyped up for the film. It goes so well with the film that it makes you want to get up and drive. I don't know for some reason it makes me want to drive into the sunset and feel like a gangster for the day.

This films introduces us to many characters such as Pumpkin (Tim Roth) and Honey Bunny (Amanda Plummer) who are sitting in a diner eating breakfast when they soon decide to rob it. Introduction to the Miserlou soundtrack, i love all his soundtracks in his films. Next up you meet Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent (John Travolta). Vincent tells Jules about his experience in Europe and what he got up to.

-Royale with Cheese-

So their both going up to a guys place to retrieve a brief-case Jules tells Vincent to escort their bosses wife (Marsellus) while he's away. Mia Marsellus (Uma Thurman) a.k.a Marsellus Wife and Vincent get into the boogie twist competition and a lot more but you need to find out the rest for yourself.

The famous car boot scenes by QT
The famous car boot scenes by QT

I find this film quirky, enjoyable and entertaining. It's the kinda film which i will watch it again and again and i really enjoy the story-line and where the journey of the film takes us and Samuel L. Jacksons (Mother F******) that he's well known for too. Literally a kick start to his famous line. And mainly Tarantino's so good with dialogues between characters in a film as it's so natural in his writing. The way the film is shot and edited i really went for it. I enjoy all of his films and i like how he keeps his style up and alive.

So celebrate with me 20 years of PULP FICTION =D

The Twist
The Twist

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