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The show that introduces you to the world of comics and connects it to the shows and games you already know and love
Nathan Faudree

Nathan Faudree and the masterminds behind Watchworks Studios, Chris Steinberger and Meghan Piechowicz, have teamed up again to produce a web series talk show about comic books. After the success of their last project, “Killgrave: The Purple Man” (View Killgrave Here) the trio were encouraged to continue their foray into the comic book medium. Steinberger conceived the idea as a fun regular collaboration on something that three were passionate about and the series developed from there.

With the dominance of comic book characters at the movies and on TV and gaming platforms whole new audiences are being exposed to these iconic characters, but with 70+ years of stories, that new audience has not transitioned over to the original source material. The series will be that bridge, essentially serving as a primer to the new reader on good places to start with their favorite new characters. The show will also engage the more seasoned fans by offering behind the scenes interviews with creators and notable geeks to find their first comic book loves.

“Comic book superheroes are a truly American art form that expands beyond just spandex and punching people, to being able to examine many of the issues that we face in the modern day.”, says Faudree, a long time comic fan, “Plus, they’re just a lot of fun!”

Meanwhile will premiere on September 18, 2014 on (


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