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Jerome Maida

We may or may not be getting solo films featuring "Wonder Woman", "Ms. Marvel", "Black Widow" or "Hit-Girl" in the near future, but one comic book super-heroine's trip to the big screen seems to be chugging along.

According, to "Painkiller Jane" co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti, a film starring his "baby" is progressing nicely.

"We’ve finished the script by Craig Weeden and myself, we have added the Soska twins (Jen and Sylvia, who have made a name for themselves with films like "American Mary") on the directing end and now Solipsist films is running around setting up the details and Stephen L’heureux , the head of Solipsist, myself and the directors are now meeting with potential cast", says Palmiotti. "We are looking for the right people to play the lead and other characters, so that's where the process is right now. Once we find the right lead, things should fall into place pretty quickly."

Palmiotti will also serve as a producer on the new adaptation of his hit comic book series about a female vigilante who gains superpowers after suffering a near fatal accident. The comic has been adapted twice before, once as a made-for-TV movie that greatly differed from its comic book roots, and then as a short-lived TV series, which Palmiotti also wrote for.

So it's definitely time to try again! Palmiotti's extremely violent character and the world she inhabits will work much better with a bigger budget and deserves her shot at the big screen.


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