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Earlier this month the internet was flooded with reports that a new TV series featuring DC Comic's Supergirl was in development. The reports initially were that the show would not be picked up by the CW network, where The Flash and Arrow have found a home. It was also reported early on that Michael Green (Green Lantern) would be shepherding the project, which has since proven to be untrue. Well some of the smoke has cleared and a few more specifics have come to light.


A Supergirl TV show is indeed being developed by veteran producer Greg Berlanti (Arrow), Ali Adler (No Ordinary Family) and DC Entertainment head, Geoff Johns is to have a small role as well. Deadline claims that the show will not go by the Supergirl moniker, but could be simply called Super or Girl, or some other name that they choose. The show looks to be a new interpretation of the Supergirl story, so purists should be on their toes. In an interview with CBR, Berlanti explains what stage the show is at:

Yeah, we're just starting to work on it. We haven't gone to the networks yet, so. I'll be happy, very excited to talk about it once we know where its home will be and that kind of stuff, but not at this moment.

After a show has been fleshed-out internally, the producers/writers take their project and pitch it to various networks. The one that believes in the project the most (hopefully) funds the development and production of the show from that point on. Since the untitled show has yet to be shopped around, there is still a wide open window for the show to find a home at CW. The foundation for a Justice League lite on television is still a possibility, which could be an event all in itself.


If not, the show will still be somewhat of a trailblazer. Female superheroes have yet to get the same level of representation that they received on comic book pages. (Which arguably still isn't enough in itself.) It looks like Supergirl may be the first major character to the big or small screen in a long time. Marvel has Jessica Jones in development for Netflix, which may or may not air before the Supergirl show. In addition, the demand for Ms. Marvel on the big screen has finally resulted in rumors of the character being added to the cinematic universe in the near future. Things are slowly changing and if the show delivers quality it could be the first domino to fall, in the struggle to get more female superhero stories made.


If it sucks... It will set back things even further. Remember this gem? Of course you don't!

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