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The fall tv season is about to start, and two of the shows that I am most excited about are Arrow and The

Flash. Arrow, because it is hands down my favorite superhero show (and definitely in the running for my favorite TV show in general), and The Flash because a) the pilot was absolutely amazing and b) it connects to Arrow all over the place.

Now Greg Berlanti (Flash executive producer) has opened up to FlashTVNews about the crossover, and has some incredible hints as to what we might see!

We've already seen Barry Allen in Arrow, in a brief crossover that had him searching for his mother's killer and starting a little romance with Felicity, before returning to Central City just in time for the accident that gifts him with his powers. We've seen Felicity disappear for periods of time to go visit Barry in his coma, and we've seen a couple of other characters from the Flash universe appear in Arrow along the way.

In the new seasons, Oliver has a cameo in the pilot, Felicity will be appearing in the Flash episode four, and some of the Arrow villains will be making an appearance as well. All this before the "official" two-episode crossover mid-season.

It's very clear that these two TV universes aren't just casually connected, but deeply intertwined, and I am all for it.

My favorite part of them is that we’re not waiting to do “two characters in Episode 18.” They’re really an active part. I just love when they’re in each others’ universes. It makes both shows feel bigger. So that’s a lot of fun. I know if I were a fan watching the show, those two nights in a row [with the crossover], they would own me.

As for the crossover itself, who might we see as the big bad that brings the two together? Well, it sounds like there might not be a villain at all...

We use a famous Flash villain, actually, in the Arrow episode, and then I would say as much as there is a villain in the Flash one – the first one (“Flash vs. Arrow”) – we’re not deceiving anybody with the title. There will be some real fisticuffs between our heroes.

From the sounds of it, I would guess that there is one villain behind it all, but that the two are either being manipulated by him/her, or even just letting their personal differences get between them. By the end of our second episode, the two will have managed to put those differences aside to win the day (don't they always?) but I am all over the idea of a throw down between these two supers.

It's the perfect standoff! The young and inexperienced guy with actual powers vs the wise old(er) vigilante who does all his work through sheer skill and hard work.

That difference alone is almost a reason for the two to come to blows. Oliver has gone through hell, lost people he loves (both Robert and Moira, Tommy and Shado are dead, Laurel and Sara are both lost to him in a way, even Thea has run away and no longer trusts him) and spent years training, fighting, and becoming the Arrow. Barry, on the other hand, essentially got hit by lightning. He hasn't had to work and suffer the way that Oliver has, and right off the bat he has a team to work with, to support him. His powers are a gift, and at first, they are going to seem like a lot of fun, whereas Oliver never got to experience that joyful exploration. The only real suffering in Barry's life is the loss of his parents (to death and imprisonment), but at this point, it's doubtful that the connection will be known, so that fades away to a sad childhood. Frankly, I would bet that Oliver has some simple jealousy building up in him, and that may come out in a fight.

Speaking of jealousy, Oliver also has to deal with the green-headed monster when it comes to Felicity. We know that season 3 of Arrow will see Olicity happen, or at least have a chance at happening, but what about Felicity and Barry? When he wakes up, there are bound to be some unresolved issues, and I'm sure we'll see some conflict between Iris and Felicity as well. If there is already tension between the Arrow and the Flash, romantic jealousy would be the first thing to set that off. If Felicity accompanies Oliver to Central city in the first crossover, I can almost guarantee that a love triangle will have something to do with their fight.

Another possible reason for the two to go head to head is the possibility that Oliver sees Barry as a student, and as Barry becomes stronger and more capable, he feels that he should be an equal to the Starling City vigilante. Oliver's relationship with Roy/Arsenal in the new season will have an impact on this as well - we know that they start off the season on a good note, but run into difficulties later on. If Oliver feels that he has failed one protege, could he come down harder on Barry Allen, and end up pushing him too far as a result?

But is it just the butting of heads of the two main characters, or is there a super-villain stirring up trouble behind it all? There is a huge pool of options when it comes to enemies of the Flash, but my number one bet is that this may see the introduction of the Reverse Flash aka Professor Zoom. It's pretty clear that this will be Barry's archnemesis for the first season at least (as he searches for his mother's killer), so a big double-episode may be a great way to bring him up.

Personal favorite theory? That this is a case of mistaken identities - that while the real Flash and Arrow are fighting over all the jealousy and battling for top spot, Professor Zoom appears and Oliver doesn't realize the difference between the two. In the great tradition of "evil twin" style plot points, Zoom drives them further and further apart, before the light bulb comes on and they realize that there is a new "Flash" in town, and band together to try and take him on.

Before that happens, however, we get to see all kinds of throw-downs between the two, and maybe we will also see Oliver starting to re-examine his own mortality (similar to the way he did after he was defeated by Malcolm Merlyn). I doubt that we would see the full conclusion of the story of Barry's mother's murder until the end of the season, but the mid-way point is the perfect time to introduce the big bad for the rest of the episodes. It's a formula that has worked well for Arrow, and the CW are undoubtedly going to be attempting to copy their hit shows' success.

Whether it turns out that my speculation is spot-on or completely wide of the mark, these two heroes will be fighting, and I am on the edge of my seat until I can see it!

Arrow returns October 8th, and the Flash begins October 7th.


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