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There's been an abundance of superhero films and there's something off with these films! A vast majority are about Marvel and/or DC characters. Personally, I feel that there are more interesting and better developed characters in independent comics. Don't get me wrong... I love both companies, but here's my list of some characters that could and should have their very own movies, and outshine mainstream heroes.

Brain Boy

Brain Boy
Brain Boy

Think of Brain Boy as an Americanized version of James Bond with Charles Xavier (Professor X) mental abilities. Matt Price aka "Brain Boy" works for a U.S. secret agency using his powerful psychic abilities to fight communists and anyone that's an"enemy of freedom". This would make a cool superhero-espionage film.




Ruben is probably the most backwards superhero on this entire list for two big reasons. He gets his powers from drinking alcohol and taking drugs! The story of Ruben, aka Buzzkill is a dramatic yet very fresh take on being a superhero. As we see a godlike being sitting in AA meetings and using a fake name talking about him being an alcoholic. There's a lot to Ruben that's shrouded in mystery... Someone in Hollywood needs to jump on this project.




Imagine a special suit that allows you to move through our world undetected and untouchable within a dark parallel dimension. Sounds great, right? There's a catch to all of this, but what if you couldn't fully control this suit? We find this out through the story of Scott Travers in Blackout. A sci-fi, political superhero Dark Horse comic book.


The Blaze Brothers

If Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, The Boondock Saints and Wanted had a love child it would be called "The Blaze Brothers". The story is about two orphaned half brothers, Jack and Billy Blaze. Raised by a Chinese martial arts master and trained by the US government to carry out black op assassinations. After a failed mission that almost left the two brothers dead, they decided to resign and use their skills as debt collectors for a powerful Japanese crime lord, Mr. Yamamoto. Things get hectic after Yamamoto believes that The Blaze Brothers have dishonored him, now there's a $2million bounty on their heads! The brothers must every hitman, assassin and gang member in the city.


Quantum & Woody

They (upset Fantastic Four fans) tell us two people of different skin color can't be related or be a "real" family. Quantum and Woody defy all odds as a comical superhero team up that will have you in tears of laughter. Before these two became superheroes, Eric and Woodrow Henderson were inseparable - Adopted brothers, best friends and brilliant minds. Years later, they are estranged siblings, petty rivals and washed-up losers.

After the murder of their father Derek it leads them to a random scientific accident giving them a whole new purpose and powers as a superhero team, kinda.

Think of these guys as a buddy cop movie disguised as superheores.

Brotherly love
Brotherly love



"She might be the villain of her own story... But, the world can never know the truth!"

"Furious" is a fresh take on being a superhero in today's society - We follow the world's first superhero, The Beacon who can't catch a break against her arch nemesis... The media! Our hero has fallen victim to the media after cameras caught her beating a group of thugs to mush. As she tries to tell her side of the story the media keeps rewording everything she says and turning her into the villain. Not only that the media have gone as far as changing her name to "Furious". Can The Beacon control her anger or will she fall prey to it?

I would love to see this movie as it combines the "realistic" effect of today's media and how easy it is turn anyone into a "villain".


Artesia Afire

An epic fantasy where the hero/main character is a warrior-queen by the name of "Artesia". Artesia is the pagan version of Joan of Arc wielding an enchanted sword similar to Excalibur. In the story of Artesia every character has a unique trait or personality that makes them stand out. Including the fact that the majority of females are bisexual including Artesia being a sexually open minded character. She is tall, intelligent, sexually open, brilliant-strategists and a fearless leader.

What makes her stand out overall as a character is that the author recognizes she can't defeat all of her foes with brute strength since some characters are just much larger than her. So she defeats them with her wits and always outsmarting her enemy. There's so much to this story from Artesia finding the slain (female_ knight in the woods surrounded by the corpses of her attackers. Artesia, then takes the knight's sword which happens to be a powerful magical sword that can inflict wounds and kill otherworldly creatures that cannot be killed by mere steel.

This could be the next Highlander/Lord of the Rings epic!


Jaycen Wise

JAYCEN WISE by Chris Bourassa
JAYCEN WISE by Chris Bourassa

Jaycen Wise may very well be one of my new favorite heroes. Why you ask? Because from what I've read about him he's AWESOME! Wise is the last of his kind, hailing from the African Empire of Kush, which dominated the ancient world spreading wisdom, knowledge and peace throughout the land. As an immortal warrior, scholar/philosopher Jaycen must destroy the forces of darkness and ignorance.

The story of Jaycen Wise is a constant adventure of one individual trying to better themselves spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally over their lifetime as an immortal. Filled with action and espionage you'll love the story of Jaycen Wise... This would certainly make a great film adaptation. I'm looking at four actors for this role - Isaiah Washington, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Idris Elba and Dayo Okeniyi.

Creator of Jaycen Wise talks about the idea behind Wise and more...

Jaycen Wise is "The anti-Indiana Jones" .


I'll have another article similar to this with more characters and information! As for now I hope you enjoyed reading my list of indie heroes!


Which (indie) hero from this list would you like to see have their own movie?


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