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OK, I just watched the Episode 1 of Sons of Anarchy Season 7...WOW. This is gonna be one beast of a recap.

SAMCRO did not disappoint, but Kurt Sutter is still keeping us to a slow burn. No main characters were killed. Tara's funeral passed without incident. Everything is going to hell for Jax. Read on...

DEATH COUNT: 5+ - four religious folk shooting a porno, and 1 poor muscular Asian dude. We also see the guys burying some bodies at the end, but the death toll is unclear.

How This S**t Went Down

Jax is off-the-wall, out of control ANGRY.

From smashing up the Nazi snitch to carving-fork-ing the innocent Asian dude he thinks killed Tara, Jax is gonna need new outlets for his rage soon. His big table speech? TL;DR - 'Remember how I was trying to be nice and legit? Nope. Now I'm Hulk Smashing anyone in Charming who pisses me off.'

Gangland is in turmoil

Irish, 9'ers, Asians, Mayans, Byz Lats, SAMCRO, Grim Bastards...they're all involved, and every time one group is taken out, the power dynamic shifts. This is shaky ground and no-one is safe.

This series is all about Gemma

Everything Jax does is affected by Gemma at this point, and she is pulling the strings. He says, 'I can't do it without you, Mom. I love you,' and he's what happens if he discovers her ultimate betrayal? Oh, also - she appears to be talking to herself?


Most Important Quotes


Three Predictions

1. Gemma is gonna have Juice killed

This episode made it clear he's more of a liability to her alive - Jax believes the Asians killed Tara, and Jax is the only one who knows different. Remember: two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

2. The 'Favors' SAMCRO owe the A.B. will be costly

Jax struck up a bloody deal with Tully (Marilyn Manson!) to get the Aryan Brotherhood on SOA's side. Tully agrees to help, but mentions a 'favor'

3. Unser is gonna escape

Twitchy Juice has him tied up, but this guy is gonna outlive them all. I feel it in my bones...


My Favorite Bit: Bobby revving away, dragging the dude in the wheelchair with him.

Music Featured: Audra Mae & The Forest Rangers feat. Billy Valentine - 'Never My Love' (The Association cover)

The Forest Rangers feat. The White Buffalo, Billy Valentine & Franky Perez - ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (Queen cover)

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