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These amazing portraits of celebrities look just like photographs, but are - astonishingly - drawn with just pencil, paper, and skill.

Managing to capture the most beautiful, basic essence of their subjects in each of these sketches, check out these incredible fan-drawn pieces. They'll really leave you gobsmacked...


Angelina Jolie

Just as beautiful as the real thing.


And joining her in the photorealistic world is her now-hubbie...

Brad Pitt


Even on paper, Brad has Still Very Much Got It.


Morgan Freeman

"Get busy livin', or get busy dyin'," is what Morgan told us in The Shawshank Redemption. If it were me, I'd add a "get busy sketchin'" clause to the quote.

Because, I mean, with a drawing this realistic, I can almost hear all of those inspirational movie speeches coming from the page...


Megan Fox

Scarily accurate. Or just scary. I can't decide.


Robert Downey Jr.


If you reeeally can't have the real thing, then this portrait comes pretty damn close to second best.


Amber Heard

I knew my sexy guardian angel would make it to photorealism, eventually.

Her celebrity squeeze has been waiting for her long enough. Here he is...


Johnny Depp

Sketching Johnny's plethora of various accessories must've taken longer than drawing everyone else's faces put together, right?



Who's your favorite photorealistic celebrity?

(Source: Hongkiat, Kyle Lambert, Sebastian Kruger, Sheridan Johns)


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