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When talking about Keanu Reeves and Virtual Reality, it's difficult not to dwell on one particular movie, and one legendary line:

So, when it's announced that Reeves will be teaming up with director Roland Emmerich to produce an upcoming virtual reality-centered TV series, the natural first response is, of course: 'So it's the Matrix, then?'

Which considering the upcoming New Angeles is, reportedly about...

"a young man who escapes the mundane reality of his life by entering an exciting virtual reality world called New Angeles. Once down the rabbit hole, he adopts a new identity, becoming the man he was always destined to be, and in the process, unlocking the keys to a mystery that has real-world consequences for him and his family."

...seems to be pretty much on the money.

That being said, it also sounds a whole lot more interesting than a lot of the stuff we get to see on television these days - which is, in and of itself, reason enough to be at least a little excited.

Gregg Hurwitz is set to write and executive produce the series for Slingshot Global Media, alongside Reeves and Emmerich (who will also direct the pilot).

No word yet, though, on a likely arrival date, but 2015 seems a likely bet to get a first glimpse of [New Angeles](series:2261456).


What do you guys think? Excited for New Angeles?

via Deadline


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