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Ever the shy, retiring little blossom, Justin Bieber used his time on stage at Fashion Rocks to strip down to his Calvins and flex his muscles while gurning wildly.

Cool face, babes
Cool face, babes

Unfortunately, the crowd weren't as impressed with the 20-year-old singers physique as Bieber himself clearly was. Instead of delivering the standing ovation Justin was imagining, crowds greeted the Canadian star's largely unwanted nudity with a torrent of almighty boos.

If you fancy wincing with embarrassment, you can have a listen for yourself below;

Luckily, Bieber has never been one to care about the effects of his actions, so he carried on with his introduction blissfully unperturbed by the hatred emanating from the stalls.

He even Vined it, because, you know, kids these days.

So, there you have it all you hardcore Belibers, if you boo at your boy Justin he will totally strip. It's been scientifically proven!


Did Bieber deserve all the boos?

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)


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