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So after all this time since we got our first glance at the Batmobile we are now finally seeing the whole thing. Without a sheet over it or a close with Batman in the shot. Right here we have ourselves a bird-eye view shot. From what Im seeing this new Batmobile definitely has some inspiration from the tumblr in the late Dark Knight movies. But although it may have some similarities to the tumblr it kind of has a slight futuristic style. It's sort of got the shape of one of those vehicle carriers from Halo. But then I have to admit it does represent the Bat more than what the tumblr did. I'll be interested to see it in action come March 2016.

Instagram Birds eye view shot
Instagram Birds eye view shot

So now that the Batmobile is finally on set we might get some more pictures coming soon. Please give your thoughts in the comment section of what you think of the new Batmobile.


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