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I'm a huge fan of snuggling up on my couch under my perfectly warm blanket and turning on a frightening movie full of thrills and deception. I love the questions brought up by your frightened mind when you're watching a movie like Eden, Gone, or Prisoners. I like getting lost in the twisting tale, trying to figure it all out on my own - as if I could solve crimes better than properly educated detectives, right?

But, what happens when peel back the curtain and stumble upon a chilling story that was not made up for the next big script? A story that only could have happened in reality? Yeah, no, I don't like that thought either... But, we're going to explore it, guys. Let's talk about the top three most notable Hollywood disappearances that have completely gone unsolved and fallen dead cold. I know, I know, but I need you on this one with me. I am too much of a giant big baby to do this alone!

The Xenomorph

Bolaji Bedajo was a handsome young Nigerian who stood a staggering 7'2". Bedajo was a graphic arts student in London having a couple of pints in a bar when a casting agent walks up to him and offers him an interesting new job based purely on his thin stature and skyscraper height. Alien is the only film to his credit, and the only set he has ever worked on. A few weeks after the wrap party for the 1979 film, Bedajo walked off into an unknown direction and was never seen again.

He openly expressed annoyance at the fact that people didn't know who he was, or that he was the man behind the creepy movements of one of the most iconic figures in all of cinema so it's been said that he may have committed suicide, but no evidence of such was ever found. It's been speculated that he simply made no more attempts at fame, and continued on in his Average Joe life but costars and former friends have reportedly said that he is completely nonexistent, and they feel as if he is "gone".

Did he go back home to Nigeria? Did he lose his fight to his own demons? Did he walk off and find a new life without the stress of disappointments?

There really isn't much information on the man behind the monster, at all. It's sort of eerie, if you ask me. It was as if he only existed to play the Xenomorph, and then was never seen again. There are absolutely no to way too little details about who he was, where he could have gone, or what may have happened. His story just stops. However, Bolaji Bedajo, your miming will always tell a tale of talent and skill.


Badejo relocated back to Nigeria in 1980 and went to work with his uncle, the well known sculptor, artist, designer and publisher Omotayo Aiyegbusi. Within three years, Bolaji had his own art gallery. He also had two children children, Bibi and Yinka, who were born in the 80′s. As a child, Badejo had been diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia. Several months after his 39th birthday, Bolaji fell ill and was taken to St. Stephen Hospital in Ebute Metta, Lagos, where he died on the December 22, 1992 - via Robert Peters

To honor his memory and exceptional gift, check out this rare video of him practicing on set!

Jean Spangler

Jean Spangler was an up and coming Hollywood movie star. With a face like that, is it no wonder? She had small roles in several movies of her time, and just after finishing up her bit in Young Man With a Horn in 1950 she took a stroll to meet up with her ex-husband to negotiate child support payments. Sounds stressful, right? Could be the perfect trigger, yeah? It seemed that way. However the ex-husband had an ironclad alibi and told the authorities that she had never even made it to their meeting. There was zero evidence of his involvement, and the pair were pretty steady friends after their failed love story. The police confirmed his side and quickly removed him from the suspect list.

Her purse showed up a couple of days later with a very perplexing note tucked away inside,

Kirk, Can't wait any longer. Going to see Dr. Scott. It will work best this way while mother is away.

The authorities at the time scoured all possible 'Kirks', finding that she may have been involved with a Dr. Kirk, a doctor who specialized in abortions and threatening his patients with forceful blackmail... By the time sensitive secrecy of the note alongside the mention of going to see a different person, a doctor of all things; I'd say it's a pretty good bet that she may very well have been referring to this scalpel wielding maniac. Dr. Kirk also had an estranged associate go missing just weeks before Jean Spangler did, but, of course, there wasn't any evidence to be found against him. That's what happens when people have free access to bone dissolving chemicals, just sayin'. That case still remains unsolved along with Jean's. The story gets even more fishy when two male companions of Spangler's went missing around the same time she did, just weeks after. The two men were known mobsters, so the authorities didn't heavily pursue their vanishing until their paths crossed the young starlet's. Again, no evidence or witnesses could be produced. It was a tight-knit crime on all fronts. Talk about needing a blanket to hide under.

Did Jean Spangler fall victim to a mad doctor? Did she get involved with the wrong crowd and get swallowed whole by a lake in infamous gangster fashion? The world will never know, and that is scariest of all.

Ambrose Small

Ambrose J. Small was a Canadian theatre tycoon, and ruthless businessman who just fell off the face of the earth. He often sought to sink other theatre companies to just go right behind their bankruptcy and buy the property and/or company up, so the man definitely had a few enemies.

He was often unfaithful to his wife, a socialite heiress to a beer brewing company, and made little attempt to hide the fact. The man even had a secret small bedroom built behind the walls of his public office to cater to the many women of his affairs. So, again, this fella definitely had a few people gunning for him. That's not the off-putting part at all... so what is, you ask? In early 1919 he sold off all of his properties for a massive 1.7 million dollars and a day after went to visit his lawyer. He left his attorney's office and was simply never spotted again, anywhere, at all.

His wife was questioned and suspected - maybe she had found out about all of his extra-marital activities? Maybe so, but eventually they found nothing to pin on her and cleared her name. A handful of people may have wanted Ambrose J. Small dead... did they succeed? Or was he just a man wanting to escape the life he built and move on to another?

All three of these are worthy of their own script, and the unsettling feeling I have when thinking of another person just not existing any longer. How does that even happen? I'd like to hear all of your theories, because my own mind is creeping me the heck out right about now.


Which of the three stories would you like to see a movie of?


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