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Dwayne Johnson has come out and announced that he is Black Adam in an upcoming [Shazam](movie:738107) film. I know this is a little after the announcement but here it goes...

The Rock is possibly the most successful and popular athlete-turned-actor to date; he has all the charisma, the comedy, the looks, and not to the mention the muscle to be famous. Simply put, Dwayne Johnson should have been cast as a superhero years ago. He could almost play every hero under the sun. However, he should NOT play Black Adam.

First off, The Rock should not play a villain! Correct me if I'm wrong, but comic book villains in film have a one film shelf life unless you're Magneto or Loki. In a few years no one will remember Malekith or Whiplash because their superhero opposers stole the spot light. The Rock needs to reoccur and reoccur a thousand times before we let him expire as a superhero. If he was to play Black Adam, most likely he would be in 2-3 films tops. Black Adam doesn't have the popularity to be a lone Justice League villain. Black Adam isn't engaging enough to have a solo film. But most importantly, Black Adam cannot beat Shazam if that film is to succeed. People like to see a hero get beaten but nobody likes to see a hero lose in the end. So why should The Rock play a villain? We want him to come back again and again, so why cast him as somebody so temporary?

The hero always has to outshine the villain in the end, or you get a lopsided movie.This formula failed with the Thor Franchise-- which in my opinion is the weakest of all the recent Marvel series-- because Loki dominated Thor and stole every inch of the limelight, resulting in an unbalanced superhero film. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Tom Hiddelston and Loki, but his severe involvement killed [Thor: The Dark World](movie:206462). If the Shazam film wants to succeed they would have to cast an actor in the lead role that can contend with The Freakin' Rock. Many names have been thrown around on the internet but honestly, none of them can compare to Dwayne Johnson. Literally, how many actors can even compare to him physically? At a hulking 6'5", The Rock has got to be one of the most intimidating and overpowering actors in the business. Not even Vin Diesel can legitimately compare to him! Not even Schwarzenegger at his prime. Who could they possibly cast that could not only compete with, but beat The Rock? There is no one big enough-- personality wise or physically-- that could compare to Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam.

I'm just going to go out and say it, The Rock should play Shazam. Its as simple as that. He should NOT play Black Adam, he should play the "Superman-esque" Shazam! C'mon now this is obvious. There are no actors who can beat The Rock so he can't play Black Adam, but there are a few who can contend with him, so cast him as Shazam! He's easily lovable so he can play the fun-loving, childish titan. He no doubt has the size to be a contender to Superman's strength. Despite the fact that he slightly looks like the villain, he could still make a great Shazam. Don't you want to see Dwayne Johnson alongside the rest of the Justice League? Don't you want to see him in film after film... after film? Besides, he doesn't quite have the temperament for a dark, albeit evil Black Adam. Who wants that? I know I want Johnson as Shazam. Who do you want?

Of course there's another alternative, which has been floating around on the internet... Shazam and Black Adam will both be played by The Rock. Now, lets get this straight, I am not on board for this rumor. BUT I would be very excited to see how that would work out. According to their mythos, it could make sense that both hero and villain look similar since they get their abilities from the same power source. It would sure be a difficult gag to pull off but if so, I would be delighted for The Rock to get the opportunity to be a hero and a villain. With CGI nowadays they could do minor tweaks to eye color and such so the two aren't too similar. That way, he will no doubt repeat his role many times in future films. However, I'm still holding out hope for this to all be an elaborate prank by Johnson and that he's really playing Shazam.

Either way the casting goes, I really want to see Johnson finally play a superhero! It should have happened years ago to be honest. He has the personality and obviously the build to be a superhero; I cannot wait for him to have his own film... unless its anything like the last Green Lantern film. Well let's not end on that note. I want to hear your opinions out there! Should The Rock play Black Adam or Shazam? Or Both? Or neither, who knows? Also, who could possibly play opposite The Rock's Black Adam? ... Brandon Molale... Leave comments


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