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From the makers of the video that made you realize Scrooge McDuck can NOT dive into a pool of money without ending up in a bloody heap on top of it comes a new video that'll ruin your childhood even further! The folks at FOX ADHD have done it again: their new video, all about Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers, takes a look at the series in a scientifically accurate light. Basically, you can't put animals into a plane and assume that everything will work out for you:

This, of course, isn't the first venture into parody madhouse land that ADHD has taken. If you're down for not as many great memories of your childhood, scroll on down. Most of these contain gore as a warning, but I'll make sure to note some of the touchy stuff. Get ready for rudeness!

Hunnie the Bear (Warning: Talk of Suicide)

Lucky's Cereal Stolen for the Last Time

Scientifically Accurate: Spongebob Squarepants

Sesame Street Thanksgiving

Fear not, oh ye of faint heart! There are also tons of parodies concerning our childhood favorites that are completely adorable and not vomit-inducing. This new one, for example, is about DuckTales... and it's made with real ducks! Thanks Disney.


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