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With recent rumors that DC and Warner Bros. might be planning a new superhero movie featuring Legion of Super-Heroes - in the wake of the success of Guardians of the Galaxy. These new rumors suggest that Warner Bros might be developing a new movie, while this team of superheroes is closer to the X-Men than Guardians of the Galaxy. Legion of Super-Heroes is a cosmic team from the 30th Century. There is over five decades of mythology to parse through, but it's interesting to see who would be featured in the would-be new film. While it's unclear if DC and Warner Bros. will go the classic route, I'm banking on the "New 52" version of the cosmic team, who were re-named Legion Lost.

It's not clear if this movie would ever be released, but apparently DC and Warner Bros. are working on making their own superhero space opera. Meet the team...


Born Drake Burroughs, this astro-engineer from the 30th Century became Wildfire after a freak accident with anti-matter energy. As a result, Wildfire became a being of pure anti-energy with the ability to manipulate anti-matter and flight. He's sort of a mix between Iron Man and Star-Lord.

Actor in mind: Chris Pine


Dawnstar is from the distant planet of the Starhaven Colony. Believe it or not, it’s a planet made of alien-abducted Native Americans who were brought there during the 13th Century. She has the ability to track humans and aliens through space, travel at the speed of light, and survive in space without a suit via a force-field.

Actor in mind: Amber Midthunder


Tellus from the methane planet Hykraius. He is a big monster-like alien who is a telepathic and a telekinetic. He's also one of the smartest members of the cosmic team. He would be a CGI character if DC and Warner Bros. go the New 52 route.

Actor in mind: Kelsey Grammer

Chameleon Girl

If you can't tell from her name, Chameleon Girl has the ability to shape-shift. She's from the planet Durla and is also an accomplished actress.

Actor in mind: Juno Temple


Tyroc is actually one of DC's first black superheroes. He has the ability to warp reality with his might scream, freeze objects, and use his voice as a force-field.

Actor in mind: David Oyelowo

Timber Wolf

Born Brin Londo, Timber Wolf has varying abilities depending on the planet's atmosphere - including super smell, agility, super sight, and super strengthen. This is unique to his Zuunian alien race.

Actor in mind: Joe Manganiello


Gates is an insect-like alien who has the ability to teleport using special "gates" to get from one location to the next. He has a strong political point-of-view and considers himself a socialist. I can see this role being a CGI character like Tellus.

Actor in mind: Alan Cumming


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