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Two of the biggest rumors surrounding the upcoming third installment in the Captain America franchise are that Chris Evans will be retiring the role, and that maybe we could see the beginnings of a Civil War storyline.

Now, directors Anthony and Joe Russo have sat down to talk through those possibilities, as well as discussing how the new movie will fit with the existing universe, which villains or versions of the Captain may appear, and the possibility of seeing the film in IMAX format.

Civil War

Marvel Civil War
Marvel Civil War

I'll admit, I would absolutely love to see a Civil War story brought to the big screen. It's a favorite story of mine, and I love how it addresses the real-world issues that would arise with publicly-acknowledged superpowers, as well as that ultimate fan-question; who would win in a fight between...
However, I have said for some time that I doubt we will actually see this epic story come to the big screen, and it seems that the directors have confirmed it.

There are a lot of characters. Marvel doesn’t have ownership of some of the key players in that. It's doubtful. I don’t run Marvel so I can’t say that it won’t happen, but I would say that it is highly unlikely.

Essentially, they won't be able to truly bring it to the screen unless Sony gives up the rights to Spiderman (or finds a way to share). Fox's ownership of the X-Men is significantly less problematic; despite Xavier's presence on the council, many of the team bow out of the conflict altogether. Maybe we will see this in several years time, if Sony and Disney can learn to play nicely together, and when the Marvel-verse is realized in enough depth to allow for such a huge clash of heroes.

Chris Evans Retiring as Captain America

Chris Evans
Chris Evans

Evan's caused shockwaves earlier this year when he talked openly about his desire to direct, and how committing to such a huge Marvel role is making this difficult. He spoke about his reluctance to sign on to the nine-film deal that was originally offered, and how he still had to be persuaded to take the six-film deal he eventually did. This sparked all kinds of rumors that Evans would be retiring as the Captain, and that [Captain America 3](movie:994409) would show his death, or some other way for the torch to be passed to a new Cap, possibly Bucky (with a nine-film deal, that makes sense).

Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes

However, in this interview, the directors give no hint of a new Captain America emerging, and instead talk about Evan's commitment to the character, and to Marvel.

Even though Chris has said that, he's always said that he will always do Marvel movies. It was never an issue in terms of his future in the Marvel franchise. He's there, he's really committed to the character.

Evans himself has done a little backtracking on that original statement, so it seems that we will not be seeing a new Cap anytime soon.

Falcon Cap

Falcon Cap
Falcon Cap

After Bucky, another fan-favorite to see as the next Captain America is Sam Wilson, aka, Falcon. He also appeared in Captain America: The Winter Solider, and could easily take on the shield. Many fans would love to see some more diversity in the Avengers (Nick Fury not really counting, as he is a major character, but not an Avenger per se), and this would be a great way to introduce that while still keeping to the published source material.

The directors are a little cagey, but that's a good sign, and it sounds like Falcon-Cap is not a matter of "if" but "when".

That's something we can't speak to directly, but I will say this. In publishing, you have decades and decades of storytelling going on, and the Marvel cinematic universe is much younger. So whether or not we get to a story like that [Falcon Cap] is a little up in the air, just in terms of how long will it take for the movies to actually get there.

Captain America 3 Villain and Inspiration


The concept of MODOK being seen on the big screen has actually been discussed once or twice before, (albeit usually in the context of how difficult it would be to do, but still!) and he was on the tip of the tongue when asked about which villains we could see in the third movie that have been requested by fans.

I think, Modok, Zemo, everyone wants to see Red Skull back. You always want to see the mythology of your character exploited to it's fullest, so we've heard everything.

It seems that they may be drawing from a few different sources when it comes to the new movie as well, rather than taking inspiration directly from one book, the emphasis is on both keeping the fans happy and telling a great new story.

The great thing is, it doesn't have to be just one book. You can kind of pick and choose in the mythology, to create a much larger concept. So without giving too much away, I'll just say that it doesn't necessarily mean that it's a single title.


The two also speak briefly about the possibility of shooting the next film in IMAX, which would be a phenomenal way to showcase the film, but also to bring in extra sales, which is never a bad idea for a third movie!

That's a conversation we've already started with IMAX, we love the format. When you can use that technology, it will certainly increase the experience.

So from all that, it looks like Captain America 3 will not involve the death of Steve Rogers and the passing of the torch, but that Falcon may take up the shield further down the line. Civil War won't happen without Spiderman, (thankfully!), we may get to see some fan-favorite villain action, and we could watch the whole finished product in IMAX.

If anything, this new interview has left me more excited than ever about the next Captain America. How do you feel about the hints dropped? What did you pick up in the full interview that I didn't mention? Comment and let me know!


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