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WARNING this article contains spoilers from Guillerman Del Torros The Strain BE ADVISED and enjoy. -TheWolfMan

Hello again Moviepilot readers it is I returning to tell you my thoughts and fealing about somthing (even though hey do my thoughts realy matter? lol to me yes)

Well if you've been keeping up with FX's new series The Strain then youll know that its all sorts of horrific fun, full of these Creepy Vampires with long appendages that come shooting out of there mouths striking out at there victims latching on and sucking them dry. They are all connected to a master who speaks to them and controles them. These arnt your average vamps neither they are turnd by the infection of a worm that a sexually reproduces and turns there host to a violent, hungry creature.

Last sundays episode was a softer one then episode 8 but still carried itself and had a flare of its own. We see more affection between Eph and Nora in this episode and we see more flash backs to the constitution camps (i do enjoy the flash back sceans to the 1940s) we also get to see a young Mr. Setrakians first encounter face to face with The Master, AND we get to see the evil Nazi Thomas Eichorist get infected, so trust me this was a good episode. With out further ado SPOILERS AHEAD

In this episode we see Eph and the gang going to Ephs old house to see if his son and his ex wife were there. What they find is Ephs son trying to deffend himself from his mothers new boyfriend who was turnd into a vampire trying to be a tough guy the previous night. Eph and the crew manage to kill the creator and save his son, he then sends his son with Mr. Setrakian an the others to Setrakians pawn shop with has become like there base of opperations, Eph and Nora stay back at the house to burn the body of Ephs ex wifes dead boyfriend. While there alone things get a little heavy so to blow some steam off they have sex in an upstares bedroom. back at Setrakians pawn shop Dutch Velders confesses to Setrakian about being the reason the internet an phone lines dont work. We move on to a flash back were a young Setrakian is lying in bed with a silver knife waiting for The Mast so that he may stab it. but his plans fail as the master pulls him up out of his bunk proclaimed that he's watched him, watch him and that his god is not there, then the master breaks his hands.

tword the end of the episode we see a flash back of Eichorist in 1944 runing at night intoa buncker, inside it is lined with candles and in a area is the coffin that Setrakian carved. Eichorist sits near the coffin drinking then screams why have you forsaken me. The master then appears and he tells the master he is ready, then THE MASTER REVEALED HIMSELF TO HIM..

Wow idk weather it looks realy creepy an good.. or realy ehh....
Wow idk weather it looks realy creepy an good.. or realy ehh....

Yes he reveals himself and gives Eichorist a single worm an makes him "a special one" CUTS TO BLACK, CREDITS....

There you have it, so me personally i enjoyed this episode, i do feal the Master looks kinda eh.. but hey that was our first lookso maybe itll grow on me this show sher has got me waiting for the next one so thats good 1 out a 5 stars the show gets 5 from me.


What did you think about how the Master looked?


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