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Gotham hasn't even started yet, and already it's an award-winner! The Television Critics Association has officially named the shows and stars that they are most excited about in the upcoming fall season, and it looks like the new Batman-mythology-based crime drama is top of the list, with one of the other new superhero series, the Flash, also making an appearance.

New banner released for the show
New banner released for the show

[Gotham](series:1127075) won "Most Promising New Show", as well as topping the drama category, ahead of Jane the Virgin, The Affair, and How To Get Away With Murder (none of which are comic book related, so who cares? Kidding!).

The show also got a mention in the category for "Potential New Breakout Star" which was won by Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez. Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin) was the cast member picked out for the category, and Grant Gustin of The Flash was the other runner up.

Aw, yeeaah...
Aw, yeeaah...

The show looks incredible, but FOX is taking a risk with it, as it strays so far from many elements of the existing mythology (most notably, the ages of many villains) and will be the first "Batman" show or movie that doesn't actually focus on Batman. It's a bold move, and I hope that the faith of TCA isn't misplaced, and it lives up to the title!

Gotham begins September 22nd, The Flash airs October 7th.


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