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I had a feeling that - sooner or later - that XVALA guy would get sued to the point of irrelevance...

Remember we mentioned that LA based artist XVALA, who wanted to exhibit the leaked nude Jennifer Lawrence pictures at his art show? Well, as it turns out, that art gallery is afraid of getting into a lawsuit and have now decided to cancel their plans. Who'da thunk it.

XVALA was set to feature images from the past seven years of celebrities caught "in their most vulnerable and private moments." Other images would have included Britney Spears with a shaved head and hacked naked pictures of Scarlett Johansson.

But the latest press release from the Cory Allen Contemporary Art gallery reads:

The public’s response to cancel the event wasn’t just about invasion of privacy, but becoming more of an issue of the exploitation of women; specifically the two celebrities. Empathizing with these real concerns, the artist decided to turn the cameras around on him; wanting the focus to be about an individual’s privacy and not just the exploitation of women.

A good decision, if you ask me. Blowing the images up on a canvas is not only a sickening invasion of privacy, it's also stealing. I'm all for artists commenting on social issues, but when you do it at the expense of others, it's kinda not cool.

I mean, how can the same images be "scandal" one day, and "art" the next, right?


Are you pleased that XVALA won't be cashing in on the naked Jennifer Lawrence scandal?

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