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When those first images of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's new Batmobile were released a few months back, the response was...mixed. Mainly because, for some reason, some dude in a cape was blocking our view:

Oh, c'mon, Batfleck.
Oh, c'mon, Batfleck.

Fortunately, a newly released image - from director Zach Snyder himself - has given us the chance to take a better look at the upcoming movie's star car. And it's pretty darned awesome:

As well as fully loaded, apparently.
As well as fully loaded, apparently.

Which got us here at Moviepilot thinking about just how much the Batmobile has changed over the years. I mean, there have been enough of them:

From a magnificently inappropriate red Sedan back in the 1940s:

Which quickly became a more stealthy black in the 50s, while retaining an....out there sort of look:

Which in turn gave way to the 60s TV show's iconic black and red batmobile:

All of which is a long, long way from the newly revealed Batman v Superman incarnation. By the 70s, though, Batman was obviously focusing more on style:

Which, going into the 80s, led into the string of iconic movie versions we still known and love:

As well as the still-popular 90s animated series variant:

The 90s, though, marked something of a sea change in Batmobile-ology, with more recent Bat-efforts having become increasingly sci-fi inspired and extreme. For instance, 2005's All Star Batman and Robin's vehicle:

And 2009's Batman & Robin's version, with its radically different approach:

Interestingly - if not all that surprisingly - though, the most direct influence on the modern Batmobiles - including The Dark Knight's'...

...was actually a Batmobile from the 80s. More specifically, the tank-ish variation created for Frank Miller's 1986 The Dark Knight Returns:

A series, not-coincidentally, which is acting as a direct inspiration for much of the upcoming Batman v Superman movie.

And if you combine the Miller era tank-mobile with the iconic movie version?

You totally get this:

Which is, in this writer's opinion, about as great a blend as you're ever likely to find...

The only problem? We won't get to see the thing in action until [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) is released on March 25, 2016.


What do you guys think? Happy with the new Batmobile?



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