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We love it when filmmakers reveal their movies' monsters and allow the nightmarish antagonists to rule the screen for a terrifying 90 minutes. And we've all heard of Pinhead, The Blob, Jason Voorhees, and Jaws.

But what if we encountered a different kind of beast: one genetic fusion of two regular animals into something so horrific that it doesn't even feel good to shriek at the sight of it. Yep, I'm talking about these 7 truly disturbing, brain-scarring animal hybrids, created by a handful of Photoshop-equipped Redditors who clearly do not understand when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!



Hybrid: Panther and Alligator

Habitat: Trees, rivers, scrubland... Just about anywhere you can get to.

Dangers: They run fast, climb trees, swim, have huge claws, giant teeth. Oh, and an aggressive temperament. On the plus side, though, Panthagators make for very desirable handbags...


Snapping Turtbull

Hybrid: Snapping Turtle and Pitbull

Habitat: Hibernating in a box for half of the year, and damn angry about it for the other half.

Dangers: Just don't put your fingers anywhere near this one when he's hangry.


The Chihuaraña

Hybrid: Chihuahua and Tarantula

Habitat: Small, cosy places like Paris Hilton's handbag. Or lurking in your towel closet.

Dangers: I don't like Chihuahua at the best of times... But THIS!? Somebody put it to sleep!



Hybrid: Giraffe and Ant

Habitat: Deserts. Can also be found attempting to climb trees in herds (usually to no avail).

Dangers: Just imagine the stampeding colony when they find that candy bar you dropped...



Hybrid: Shark and Spider

Habitat: Your deepest, darkest nightmares.

Dangers: C'mon, guys. Does this one seriously need making any scarier!?



Hybrid: Slug and Dog

Habitat: Right where you dropped that last piece of food.

Dangers: This one is SUPER SLOBBERY. Like getting a slightly less revolting kiss from your moustachioed Great Aunt.



Hybrid: Crab and Armadillo

Habitat: Anywhere the floor is hard enough to make a disconcerting scuttling noise.

Dangers: Don't get any ideas about a surf and turf platter. The Crabadillo will pince you into submission before you can say "YOWCH!"



Which one of these critters would you least like to experience on a dark night?

(Source: Distractify)


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