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While Moviepilot's very own Kristin Lai has been answering the hard question of who should play real life Disney princes and villains, I thought we'd take a different approach for real life castings this week and choose the real life version of your favorite Disney sidekicks!

Bare with me folks, this one might require you to suspend a little bit of belief but the results are worth it!

Take a look at the actors and actress I picked to play real life Disney sidekicks:


Phil, Hercules

The half-man, half-goat trainer from Hercules with a big heart and a fast temper. Phil may be small but he demands respect. I have to be honest, casting this one was a breeze and it turns out that was for very good reason...

Danny Devito

Turns out Danny Devito voiced Phil! I promise you I did not know that before I picked him out, in fact my memories of watching Hercules are hazy at best, but it's definitely clear that Danny Devito is Phil not only in voice, but in looks too (sorry Danny).


Baloo, The Junglebook

I'm gonna go ahead and say it...Baloo is by far the best character in The Jungle Book. Sorry Mowgli, but it's true. A laid back bear who loves to dance and play games as well as acting as a protective father figure to Mowgli, what's not to love?! There can only be one guy who fits this profile...

John Goodman

John Goodman would make an amazing Baloo. Apparently others agree because he even voiced Baloo in the poorly received Jungle Book 2. You have to admit, Goodman is quite Baloo-like in nature: he has the cuddly bear look, he's hilarious and even has the father part down - with a grown daughter of his own. No word on whether or not she was raised in the jungle though.


Pumbaa, The Lion King

The first Disney character to fart on screen, Pumbaa certainly has personality! This is one Warthog with a kind and caring nature. Pumbaa may have been an outcast when he was younger due to his odor but with a 'hakuna matata' attitude he now has no worries. I know just the guy for the job!

Jack Black

Funny man Jack Black seems like the ideal choice for Pumbaa and certainly not someone who would ever hold anything back (if you know what I mean...).


Jessie, Toy Story

This cowgirl was introduced to us in Toy Story 2 and immediately found a place in our hearts. Her enthusiastic and excitable attitude is infectious and makes it impossible for anyone not to love Jessie - especially Buzz Lightyear. If I could cast my Jessie it would definitely be:

Bonnie Wright

Bonnie Wright would be the best Jessie! We already know she can walk the walk when it comes to more emotional roles and though we've only ever seen glimpses of her with comedy in the rare lighter side of Harry Potter, I'm sure she would nail Jessie's fun loving and enthusiastic personality.


Slinky Dog, Toy Story

Slinky Dog is the southern talking toy who always has Woody's back, like a sort of man's best friend. His stretchy body has been a help to his friends many times in their exploits and he's a faithful important and dependable part of the gang. He definitely reminds me of someone else:

Woody Harrelson

The cowboy of Hollywood, Woody Harrelson would shine as a real-life slinky dog, the voice, the laid back attitude, yep he's got it on lock down.


Cogsworth, Beauty and the Beast

Cogsworth was the slightly serious, rule-abiding best friend of Lumiere. He lived with the rest of the imprisoned household items in the Beast's mansion and couldn't wait to be restored to his human form once again. Speaking of human forms....

John Cleese

The character of Cogsworth was actually written with Cleese in mind but the actor turned it down! However I'm willing to give it another crack and say that Cleese would be the perfect human version of Cogsworth.


Abu, Aladdin

Aladdin's pet, best friend and ally. The two get up to a lot mischief together and quite frequently steal bread from the marketplace. Abu is obsessed with shiny or interesting items which often gets him into trouble (a certain magic carpet anyone...). Abu has a perfect human match:

Aziz Ansari

One of my fave comedians, Aziz Ansari would be great as Aladdin's best friend! Anyone who's seen [Parks and Recreation](series:214218) will know his amazing facial expressions and enthusiasm as the character Tom, I have no doubt he would bring it as Abu.


Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland

The mysterious pink and purple cat with a huge grin, the Cheshire cat has a devious and mischievous personality and willingly admits his own craziness. This toothy feline has an obvious human counterpart:

Jimmy Fallon

There's no denying Jimmy Fallon with his huge grin would be an amazing Cheshire Cat, and I have my suspicions that he can be quite mischievous as well!


Tinkerbell, Peter Pan

A feisty fairy from Never Land! Tink might be tiny but she is a strong, sassy personality. Tinkerbell was so popular as a sidekick to Peter Pan that Disney even gave her her own films. Maybe she could even have a live action film (Hook doesn't count!) with this actress playing the part:

Kristen Bell

Small, bubbly and blonde, Kristen Bell would be the perfect Tink! Not to mention her name is already halfway there.


Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio

Clever, kind, caring and brave, Jiminy Cricket is the perfect conscience and great friend to Pinocchio. He tried his hardest to keep the puppet boy out of trouble even if that means confronting those much bigger and stronger than him. Check out his spirit human:

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart would be a fantastic Jiminy, plus he's no stranger to being part of a fantastic double act - his best friend is Sir Ian Mckellan.


Timothy Q. Mouse, Dumbo

Timothy may be small but he was the brave best friend and mentor to his much large buddy, [Dumbo](movie:1697212). Throughout the film Timothy wanted to make his friend rich and famous and most importantly help him rescue his mother. This actor would make a very realistic Timothy:

Jared Gilmore

This young actor has already proven himself by appearing on your TV screens in [Mad Men](series:200778) and most famously as Henry in [Once Upon a Time](series:720994) and I'm sure that he would rock the part of Timothy Q. Mouse.


Mushu, Mulan

The funniest part of Mulan, Mushu was the hilarious, overconfident and slightly impulsive dragon character who, by the end of the film, had restored his previous bad reputation to its former glory and had earned back his job as a guardian spirit. This fiesty dragon could be no one else except:

Eddie Murphy

The person to play Mushu could be no one else except the man who voiced him, Eddie Murphy. You've got to admit he'd nail the part - I certainly can't think of a better candidate!


Genie, Aladdin

The amazing magical genie who was sentenced to life in a lamp became a good friend to Aladdin and Jasmine and was later rewarded with Aladdin's last wish and the gift of freedom. Really, it'd be an insult to choose anyone except:

Robin Williams

Even though he's no longer with us, there is simply no one else who could do justice to the high spirited genie like Robin WIlliams. He truly made the role his own and no one else could fill those shoes.



Which actor/actress do you think is the best sidekick fit?


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