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Ever wonder how they capture realistic zombie rage on The Walking Dead? This is your answer, and it's pretty fascinating.

AMC have released a new video showing preparations for the stunts in Season 5, led by Stunt Coordinator Monty Simons. Although there's no direct spoilers in the video, it makes it pretty clear that Season 5 is going to be hella epic.

Simons explains the hardest part of being an accurate zombie is the need to find stuntpeople who are able to pull off the stunts whilst having a physically emaciated appearance fit for a zombie:

Choreographing a fight out here sometimes gets a lot more complicated than it will on a regular movie or television set. Probably the most difficult thing is finding the right type of stunt person to be a walker. We need our walkers to be emaciated, to be weak, skinny looking people.

Once the stunt people are trained, they then train the actors, and the results are pretty cool. In the video, hundreds of Walkers practise their best chomping action and chase after people. It looks pretty fun:

The fifth season of The Walking Dead starts October 12.

(Source: Comic Book)


Would you pull off being a Walker?


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