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Fans of The Legend of Korra - rejoice! Or, at least, relax a little. The widely-beloved show's fourth season is not only on its way soon, but it also finally has a title.

What's more, it's even one you might well have expected. Nickelodeon recently revealed on Twitter that Book 4 of the show will be called Balance:

Which, seeing as that's been a constant theme of Korra's story, is a pretty reasonable choice for the final season.

Speaking of which - that same final season might well be on its way sooner than we expected. With the show's creators Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino revealing recently that the show is now in the final animation phase, it's entirely possible that we'll be seeing Book 4 in the very near future.

Which doesn't exactly lessen the pain of this being the last season, but at least we can look forward to seeing more [The Legend of Korra](movie:1028685) sooner rather than later!


What do you guys reckon? Like the title for Book 4?

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